July 26th: Galaxy

Kcal 250 Fat 14.9 Carbs 25.5g

Its puzzling why it takes me so long to get round to reviewing bars like this one - the most simplistic of chocolate bars on the market...the milk chocolate Galaxy bar.

I bought this in a 49g serving bar which split up into 6 sizeable chunks as shown above. As the packaging informed me these chunks were formed in a 'new shape for a smoother taste'.....hmmm right im not too sure how a different shape would alter the taste. That aside the bar looked impressive and the blocks were aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Taking this from the fridge I unwrapped the foil wrapper and broke the chunks of the bar into a bowl. At this point I gave the bar a good smell assessment and was somewhat disappointed. The bar emanated a very slight cocoa smell - which had the slightest hint of vanilla. It was not as strong as I was expecting and to me this was slightly disappointing as I was expecting a far more imposing aroma.

As I have said the wrapper promised a smoother taste with the new shape of the bar. Unfortunately im not experienced enough with Galaxy chocolate to make a direct comparison between the old and new shapes' texture...what I can confirm though is the sheer luxurious nature of the current. Each block melted on the tongue at optimal speed..not to fast..not to slow and delivered a delightfully smooth silky feel. Bliss.

Tastewise this bar can be described as pure indulgence....it tastes wonderfully rich with a flavour that is heavily cream based. The cocoa level in this bar is slightly higher than the Cadbury Dairy Milk at 25% though it is really the milkier creamy taste of the bar that really makes it so divine and makes for an incredibly moreish chocolate bar...its a shame it was only 49g as I could have eaten far more.

Overall this isn't the most exciting bar in the world...it just a plain milk chocolate bar with no 'raz-ma-taz' attached...but this doesn't mean it isn't fantastic for what it is. It's texture is luxuriously smooth and it tastes so amazingly creamy...I just cant fault it. The only real areas this bar is held back is in its aroma and its hunger fulfilment potential...from a bar with such other high qualities I expected a better smelling - more fulfilling bar. I urge you to treat yourself to a Galaxy you wont be disappointed - just make sure its a bar larger than 49g!

8.7 out of 10