July 26th: Ritter Sport Cappuccino

Kcal 571 Fat 39.0g Carbs 49.0 (per 100g)

Today I took my second dip into the Ritter Sport range sampling the Cappuccino variant. The onpack description informed me the bar was comprised of 'milk chocolate with a cappuccino cream' which accounted for a formidable 45% of the total bar. The ingredients in the bar read pretty cleanly with a 30% cocoa and 19% milk solids mixture - the bar also contained 2% coffee and a rather ambiguous 9% cream powder...now thats one I havent heard of before.

As with the whole of the Ritter range this came in a 100g squared bar, which provided two pretty satisfying servings. The bar came in its impressive customary plastic packaging and sectioned, enscribed blocked appearance. Splitting the bar into its sections a truffle like centre made its presence known, oozing slightly from each block - it wasn't quite as distinclty coloured as the packaging suggested but it was distinguishable nonetheless. The bar smelt absolutely glorious - it evoked memories of freshly brewed chocolate topped lattes from back in the day when I was a younger Starbucks addict (nowadays its just a tall black for me!!)

As is the norm with most the bars I review I chilled this one which slightly hardened the soft centre. The milk chocolate that coated the centre tasted lovely, it had a smooth rich creamy taste...one that I would very much aliken to Milka Alpine Milk with its milkyness...the only difference I would really say there is between the two is that the Ritter milk chocolate didn't have the nutty aftertaste element to it's taste. The milk chocolate melted at a pleasant rate slowly revealing the flavour of the softer cappuccino cream centre - which in texture became softer and softer as it warmed on the tongue...it was very truffle like. The centre was very creamy and smooth tasting, it's flavour wasn't too intense in its coffee flavouring. Though fully detectable it was more of a chocolatey flavoured centre with a hint of coffee flavouring. I can see why the coffee intensity may have been held back just a tad to make it a frendlier taste, though personally I would have loved for it to be a bit stronger. Despite not being quite as strong as I would have quite wished its flavour was still extremely pleasant and very moreish...it tasted just so extremely smooth and velvety which made it very pleasurable to eat.

Overall another resounding success from the Ritter range and very worthy of its high score. This is an all round great bar...its presented brilliantly, smells appealing, has great milk chocolate and a delicious filling ; all this makes for a truly satisfying bar of chocolate. The only slight area I think it could be improved for me personally would be the coffee flavour to be slightly stronger...though its fully understandable this wouldn't be to the majority of peoples tastes so its not really a fault that can be to heavily placed on the part of Ritter. If you love Coffee and chocolate combinations this is up there with the Lindt Lindor Coffee Truffles and Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered espresso beans which I both also rate very highly - thumbs up from Chocolate Mission and highly recommended!

8.4 out of 10