July 27th: Mars Bounty

Kcal 268 Fat 13.6g Carbs 36.4g

Well heres a bit of information for you...'when Saddam Hussein was captured by US forces he was found with a pack of hot dogs, a 7-Up and a refridgerator full of Bounty bars'...don't say you don't learn anything new from Chocolate Mission each day now folks ;)

The Bounty bar encorporates 'moist tender coconut covered in thick milk chocolate' and came in a 57g serving of which was split up into two 28.5g bars. I liked the look of the Bounty wrapper - very colourful and fresh looking - it really stands out on the pretty dull looking confectionary fixture in most shops. The bars themselves were very similarly shaped to Mars and Snickers - just long fingered bars with a rippled pattern on top. When broken into the white fluffed centre of the Bounty looked very eccentric and appetising. The bar had a nice aroma - very milky smelling with just an inkling of coconut...it was a good indication of things to come.

The chocolate coating was pretty standard Mars milk chocolate. It tasted very sweet and milky - no not the greatest tasting but pleasant nonetheless. Texturewise it was pretty smooth and melted nicely on the tongue - As you can see in the picture the top of the bar had a thicker layer of milk chocolate which provided a nice initial cracking sensation when bitten into.

Im going to admit this now but im not the biggest fan of coconut....BUT and this is a big BUT....I genuinely really enjoyed the centre of the bar. It had a very unique texture and felt cool on the tongue. Despite looking fluffy in appearance, the centre provided a nice crunch which worked well agaisnt the smooth chocolate. The coconut had a very fresh taste...very milky with a nice nuttyness which made for a lovely long buttery combination of flavours...very nice indeed.

Overall its not suprising that the Bounty bar really has the coconut end of the market sewn up - it uses the ingredient to its full potential in what really is a great tasting bar. As I said im not the biggest fan of coconut, but the nutty milky taste and the cool, crunchy texture made for a delicious enjoyable filling. This in tandem with a decent enough milk chocolate and nice looking appearance made for a truly satisfying substantial product. If your a fan of coconut I strongly suggest you try this bar out! Fans of the Cadbury Cherry Ripe will feel right at home here.

8.3 out of 10