July 29th: Skittles Chocolate Mix

Kcal 230 Fat 2.5g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 51.0g

Now I know these aren't strictly chocolate, but what with the inclusion of a whole 2% cocoa solids and reader demand I simply had to get on the case of CandyPirate to send me some of these...as ever the nice guys at CandyPirate duly obliged and sent me a 53g bag for me to sample.

The Skittles Chocolate Mix is formed of an assortment of five different flavours: S'mores, brownie batter, chocolate pudding, chocolate caramel and lastly a rather oddly placed vanilla flavour...I wont even start on why its included in a supposed chocolate mix!!??

The 53g serving provided a nicely sized serving - I definately felt like I had my fill and I was somewhat satisfied with the portion. The packaging of the bag was nice though productwise the flavours could have been slightly more distinguishable in colour...the s'mores and vanilla were at times hard to tell apart, though this was more of a problem with the chocolate caramel and chocolate pudding flavours. Unfortunately these shared the common problem that M&Ms have in the aroma department...they smelt very non descript - not like any chocolate I have had anyway, to be honest they just frankly had an odd sweet smell.

This chocolate mixture had the same sort of texture you get with all Skittles - a pleasant sugary crispy outer shell with a soft chewy centre that released the flavours when chewed. Nothing overly new or out of place here...just simply what you would expect from Skittles.

Just to try out a different way to write up my reviews on taste, below I have simply written my tasting notes that I wrote whilst sampling each of the flavours. I tried eating all the flavours in many different ways: individually, two or more at a time and even mixing the flavours....here is what I noted down for each:

Chocolate Caramel - Nice immersive initial caramel flavour which progressivelly got less palpable the more I chewed on each piece. When eaten more than one at a time the caramel flavour was suprisingly less distinctive.

Vanilla - Very sweet artificial vanilla essence concentrate like taste...extremely sweet and taste quickly became sickly...unfortunately most generously portioned in the packet.

Brownie Batter - Nice doughy cake type flavour hit, Most distinctive in flavour and my favourite of the lot. Strongest aftertaste out of the selection.

Chocolate Pudding - Hardly any hint of cocoa flavour with a taste that can only really be described as sweet tasting. Very non distinctive , bland and entirely forgettable if not for the sickly taste.

S'mores - Very sweet marshmallow like flavour - one of the most distinct of the selection. Slight honey flavoured tinge to the aftertaste...my second favourite.

Overall as you can see from my notes above the flavour range was not all that great. The only memorable aspects of the vanilla and chocolate pudding pieces were really their complete lack of flavour and their fast developing sickly sweet tastes. The chocolate caramels despite having a nice initial caramel flavour soon developed to only further add to the overall monotomous sweet nature of the aforementioned flavours. The only real winners in this mixture were for me the s'mores and more to the point brownie batter flavour....they at least tasted as described with the brownie batter variant especially providing a distinct long lasting taste that actually delivered on what its description detailed. I wouldn't massivelly recommend these to anyone based on their chocolate credentials, but for fans of Skittles these could at least be worth checking out. I can safely say these do not represent chocolate in its greatest glory - probably best avoided if you have little interest in them.

6.8 out of 10

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