July 2nd: Oh Henry!

Kcal 230 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 33.0g

The Oh Henry bar has been manufactured since 1920. In the US the bar is manufactured by Hershey, though for reasons unbeknown to myself Nestle manufacture the Canadian bar. I was sent a sample of today's bar courtesy of the guys at Sweetstall once again - I suggest you head there if you want to try it for yourself.

The Oh Henry bar came in a 51g serving formed by two suprisingly small looking rippled fingers. As you can see above despite their small size they were dense with ingredients...literally crammed full!! The bars encorporated a thick base layer of fudge, a generously proportioned layer of caramel and roasted peanuts...all covered in a coating of milk chocolate. The packaging itself was plain but classic in appearance, as I said above the two bars themseleves were a little meagre looking though generally the product looked pretty sound...if a little unspectacular. Opening the wrapper the product had a very evident nutty smell...very much alike a Snickers but not as strong...really quite tantalizing though.

Though the ingredients were very compact, the flavours were very individual and identifiable. The fudge layer was extremely dense in texture and made for an extremely chewy base. It had a strong buttery taste with a creamy aftertone - a very nice base flavour. The mixed caramel and roasted peanut layer was as equally tasty and combined a chewy crunchy contrast of textures and flavours. The caramel was sweet and chewy whilst the peanuts had a converse crunchy salty flavour...again it was very comparable to that of a Snickers though the caramel was significantly more viscous. The only slight negative I could find with this bar was the quality of the chocolate...compared to the rest of the ingredients it was lacking in a strong flavour and was little more than I can describe as milky. It also lacked distinctive texture...it was thin and flaked off in places...disappointing.

Overall despite its relatively small size, each mouthful of this bar was packed with flavour. The fudge base made for an extremely buttery dense layer and gave the bar a really unique taste that im struggling to aliken to any other. The mixture of the caramel and roasted peanuts is also a good contrast of flavours and textures and is applied well in this bar like in many others. Despite the disappointing chocolate element I would definately recommend this bar to those who like the sound of it - well worth checking out epecially if your a fan of fudge...definately one for you Snickers fans!

7.9 out of 10

Head over to Sweetstall to find the Oh Henry and many more imported Candy items