July 3rd: Cadbury Snack Raisin Cereal Bar

Kcal 150 Fat 5.4g Carbs 23.2g

Little over a week ago I hadnt even heard of the Cadbury Snack range until I stumbled across the 'Cadbury Snack Shortcake' - today I found a further two products in the range so today im bringing you my review of the 'Raisin Cereal Bar'.

This cereal bar came in a 35g serving - I ate it around 11am and it was a more than adequete at fufilling my mid morning munchies! The bar encorporated oats, bran flakes, raisins, crispies and honey in a bed of Cadbury's milk chocolate. It look relatively nice appearancewise - the wrapper had a nice vibrant look and its foil constituants ensured a pristine, nice sweet smelling bar. The aroma was strongly honey rooted though did have a minor milky cocoa element to it.

Taking the bar out the wrapper it was quickly evident at how thin the chocolate layer was. The on pack description claims it covers half the bar...which it does...just extremely thinly! Not only did this mean its flavour was all but lost in the rest of the denser elements, but due to its thiness the chocolate melted extremely quickly when handling the bar. To be honest I think I ended up with more chocolate on my fingers than in my mouth lol! The other cereal elements in the bar were pretty fair in taste - the crispy cereal was the strongest in flavour which dosent really say much for the rest as its taste was not all that strong itself...slightly malty and sugary. The oats combined with the honey added a nice consistant chewyness to the bar though both remained pretty lifeless in flavour. The raisins implemented in this bar were largely disappointing adding very little flavorwise and a bit of an uncomfortable mushy texture.

Overall this bar was a bit hit and miss across the board. It failed to deliver on the taste front - the chocolate was the tastiest element but severely lacking in portioning...the different cereals were all pretty fair but overly lifeless with none particularly outstanding from the others apart from the rice. The bar had a nice chewyness and due to the dense nature of the ingredients did a nice job of settling my hunger...its just unfortunate that its best element (the milk chocolate) was implemented both not enough and annoyingly in the design of the bar. You could do worse for a mid morning snack but if its a real chocolate hit your after you better look elsewhere - this could be done better!

7.1 out of 10