July 4th: Kinder Chocolate / Maxi

Kcal 117 Fat 7.1g Carbs 11.0g (per 21.0g)

This review has been one of the most requested for a long time now...its seems theres a whole lot of love out there for this Kinder snack bar. To be honest I was a little confused with the branding of this product...it seems to randomly appear under two different names...'Kinder Chocolate' & 'Kinder Maxi'....anyone know why!?

Lets get this out the way from the start...this is a small small bar....its tiny at a 21.0g...why oh why is this not bigger...it hardly even scratched the surface of my hunger...I know the bar even calls itself a 'snack bar' but for me it didnt even suffice in that respect.

Kinder products are always presented nicely and this one was no different. The bar was wrapped in a colourful plastic wrapper with an extra foil layer for freshness. The bar itself was obviously pretty small, though had a nice shimmering surface and was sectioned nicely. The chocolate was crisp to break up and had a crumbly cream white filling that looked exceedingly tasty. Despite the foil wrapping the bar lacked any sort of strong aroma, it offered little more than a sweet smell that was only detectable if smelt up close.

The bar itself had an odd claim on the front of the wrapper 'more milk, less cocoa' ..... ooooook fair enough more milk...great - but less cocoa!? Not cool!? Why even say that! Surely that needs changing to 'more milk, less sugar'.... that would a) appeal to parents more (surley the target of the brand) & b) sound more appealing to the rest of us.....oh hell im only in marketing what do I know :D :D

Looking at the ingredients the bar contained 33% milk solids with 18% cocoa solids...this made for a really distinct taste that was thankfully stronger than experienced with the Kinder Suprise egg where the same chocolate and milk flavoured layers were just too thin to really give a meaningful taste. The actual cocoa outside layer was still very thinly portioned and didnt provide too much to the overall taste. The middle creamy white filling was the main driver of the flavour and no suprises in that it had a distinct creamy milkyness with a slight hint of vanilla....it was pretty sweet but very tasty. Despite the lack of flavour depth in the chocolate layer its texture was nice and smooth, providing a nice contrast with the mild roughness of the creamy centre.

Overall although only 1.0g bigger than the Kinder Suprise Egg the blocked shaped form really comes as a benefit to this bar. The actual chocolate layer lacks flavour and thats no suprise due to the products lack of cocoa...what does make the flavour of this bar really stand out though is the smoothness and creamy nature of the middle milk layer; its sweet but ever so moreish...a taste that you will really want to savour. If your a fan of Milka or other creamier chocolate brands theres no doubt you will love this bar...just make sure you buy a few!! Note to Ferrero - make your bars bigger please!!!

7.0 out of 10