July 5th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk

Kcal 210 Fat 12.0g Carbs 23.0g

I dont quite know why its taken me so long to get round to reviewing one of Britain's most iconic brands of chocolate...but by popular request today I went about putting that right and sampled the most famous milk chocolate and orange combination out there...yes...Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Terry's Chocolate Orange tends to really come into its own around Christmas time but during the rest of the year its also pretty readily avalible. Im basing todays review on the 40g bar which split into 6 segments...it equated to 40.0g and did a perfectly good job of setting aside my hunger at the time...by the sixth segment I felt like I had my fill of the flavour.

I was genuiney very impressed by the look of the bar. The packaging was a fair in design though hardly original and almost identical from Mcvities Jaffa Cakes (Take a look above and try tell me otherwise!!!!!). The bar itself looked great - the segment design not only looked class and unique but was a nice way to split it into sizeable mouth size pieces - good work here by Kraft.

As soon as I opened the wrapper and segmented the bar a fruity sweet orangey smell was extremely evident - it smelt refreshing and pretty appertising though a tiny bit artifical. The back of pack had a pretty bold statement in that it claimed the bar was flavoured with 'Real Orange'....in actual fact just like the Montezuma's "Orangutang" I reviewed the other day the flavour was achieved using 'orange oil'....so not real orange really.

Although solid milk chocolate the inside of the bar seemed to have a slightly softer texture. Each segment was shaped perfectly to slowly melt on the tongue and really helped achieve a nice smooth and consistant taste. The orange flavour of the bar was strong but never overbearing...it gave each segment a nice refreshing taste that for my liking was just the right strength and and concentration. The milk chocolate as I said was glorious in texture though lacked a real difinitive cocoa flavour that would have really made this bar standout. The taste of the chocolate was very sweet and by the fifth segment its flavour was starting to become overly so and and verging on sickly.

Overall this bar is a genuinely a great tasting one in moderation. This bar has scored higher than the Montezuma's "Orangutang" and costs a fraction of the price at 40p compared to £1.20 for the Montezuma's. Its orange flavour was among the best I have tried on Chocolate Mission along with the Lindor Orange. The chocolate was a bit on the sweet side and lacking in cocoa strength though the orange flavour more than made up for this as its fresh fruityness was by far and away the dominating flavour. Terry' Chocolate Orange is a brand that will stay with us a long time..its affordable, unique, great looking chocolate...a sure fire winner if your a fan of chocolate orange.

8.3 out of 10