July 5th: Tracker Chocolate Chip

Kcal 178 Fat 8.7g Carbs 21.5g

Though cereal bars have only really come into the mainstream in the last five years the Tracker bar has been around since...well...what seems like forever. I can remember having these in my lunchbox back when I was a wee nipper. Upon the request of Chocolate Mission readers I put my 10 year abstinence with the Tracker aside and tucked into one today.

The Tracker is a cereal bar that claims to combine 'Crunch, Goo & Chew'...hmmm not the best slogan ever. Its also avalible in a plain nut variant though for the purpose of Chocolate Mission I thought best to review the 'Chocolate Chip' version; its main ingredients are crisped rice, wholegrains (oats, bran etc), peanuts & chocolate chips - all fused together by syrup.

The bar came in a 37.0g serving which proved a pretty adequete mid morning snack; though it did the job in this instance I think if you wanted anything more out of the bar it might fall a little short in this respect due to the light texture of the bar.

'Tracker' is a Mars brand which explains the nice wrapper and general appearance of the bar...no money skimped in this area. The front of pack looked stylish and the aesthetic appeal of the bar was good...the whole peanuts and chocolate chips showcased the quality ingredients and really gave a good idea of the contents of the bar without having to peer over the ingredients list. Unfortuately, though nice in looks it was a little flawed in design...biting into the bar chocolate chips and peanuts went flying everywhere...it was a tad annoying that it crumbled everywhere and this isnt a bar I suggest you eat on the move.

Peanuts accounted for 10% of the bar ingredients but 100% of the aroma!! It smelt awesome! The smell was very evident as soon as I opened the bar and its roasted nutty smell soon made itself very palpable.

Despite the small annoyance of the bar falling to pieces it had a nice array of textures. The top of the bar encoportated the chocolate chips which though lacking a real strong taste melted nicely in the mouth and gave the each bite a nice cocoa undertone. The chocolate chips slighlty moistened what would have been a dry bar without them as the saltyness of the nuts dried the other layers. The peanuts themselves were crunchy and fresh in texture...they contrasted nicely with the gooey mixture of the cereals and syrup base. The peanuts also provided the strongest of the flavours...buttery and slightly smokey with a hint of salt...very tasty. The base of the bar was formed by the chewy cereal and syrup layer and formed the main constituants of the bar. Unfortunately its flavour was pretty mundane and if anything just diluted the flavours of the nuts and chocolate chips with its quite boring subtle malt flavour.

Overall its pretty obvious why this product seems to have stuck around for so long...its because its a pretty high quality one. The bar encorporates some intresting textures and flavour though slightly lets itself down by having its weakest tasting layer being the most generously portioned. The chocolate chips are relatively weak in flavour though do add a nice background cocoa flavour and nice slight moistness to the texture. If your a fan of nuts then I could see this bar being one you really enjoy...if its a chocolate hit your after your probably best looking somewhere else - but if its a nice tasting cereal bar with a hint of chocolate you could do a lot worse.

7.3 out of 10