July 6th: Rolo

Kcal 247 Fat 10.4g Fat(sats) 6.7g Carbs 36.7g (per tube)

Rolos have been around since 1938 and are now producded by Neslte in all areas across the globe but for the US...where no suprises the Hershey Company hold the licence....do they even exist in the US?

A Rolo consists of a toffee centre and milk chocolate coating, and are most commonly found in 52.0g roll tubes like the one I consumed for the purpose of this review. In this roll there were 12 individual chocolates. If the marketing slogan is to be believed 11 are meant to be consumed by oneself and the last Rolo for the person you love :) haha well I deem it important to love yourself so I ate all 12 lol :D I couldnt stop eating these once I had opened them and the whole roll was gone within 20 minutes woops :P Very moreish but still quite filling at the same time.

The Rolos came packaged in a fairly nice looking and convenient roll packet. They definately benefitted from the foil layer that covered them as it meant they were tightly packed and released a nice sweet smell as the packet was unravelled. I liked the design of the Rolos themselves they had a nice shape and were just the right mouthful size. Simply put they combine a nice look with a functional design - not too many products can claim to do that now.

Personally I think theres only one way to eat a Rolo - letting it slowly melt on the tongue. The milk chocolate coating was almost identical in taste to all other Nestle milk chocolate products...sweet and not the strongest in taste but with a nice milky root flavour....its not going to win any awards for divine chocolate but its fair tasting. The chocolate melted at a nice rate in the mouth eventually revealing the toffee centre. The toffee centre was thicker than I was expecting and provided a nice texture that was quite resiliant. Sucking on the toffe centre released the flavour slowly - it tasted sweet though not overly so and it had a long honey like taste rather than an overly sugarly based one. The textures of the soft chocolate and silky toffee made for a delightful combination and allowed the flavours to be released slowly but in a manner in which they could be savoured.

Overall Rolos are a great tasting affordable product that have mass appeal. The milk chocolate is not the greatest quality and can be found in most Nestle products...the real defining aspect are the toffee centres which are deliciously tasty and have a great texture that make for a longing taste and lasting enjoyable experience. There's probably a good chance that you have already tried these but for those that havent I strongly suggest you do....a classic product that is nicely crafted and kind on the pocket - what more can you ask for.

8.4 out of 10