July 7th: Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Cream

Kcal 605 Fat 44.5g Carbs 45.5g (per 100.0g)

I've been impressed so far with Milka chocolate so my expectations for this bar were high to say the least. This 'Cream' edition combined the original 'Alpine milk chocolate' with an additional soft cream filling which ran through the middle of the solid milk chocolate accounting for 50% of its constituants.

As with all the Milka bars I have reviewed so far I sampled this in a 100g bar - I actually ate the whole bar in one sitting...I wasnt particularly hungry but this bar just simply didnt fill me up as I ate it. The bar came nicely presented in the standard Milka packaging - a nice paper sleeve with a foil under layer. The bar itself looked very appertising and once split into the soft cream centre gently oozed out...not making a mess but looking deliciously truffle like. The bar smelt almost identical to the 'Alpine Milk' - sweet and very creamy...as ever Milka delivered with the presentation of their product.

As with the original bar itself the Alpine Milk chocolate outer layer again delivered a pleasant creamy flavour. The aftertaste again had a slight note of nuttyness that distinguished itself from being more than a simple one dimenstional milky taste. The middle cream layer added a nice slightly softer texture to the middle of the bar and gave it a truffle like smoothness. Though I enjoyed the difference in texture I felt the cream layer really lacked flavour...it just didnt do anything for me...it wasnt unpleasant...but it just literally made the texture lighter, and all that meant was that the overall taste was weaker and less satisfying.

Overall this was yet another hard bar to score. The real selling point of this bar was supposed to be the cream layer - which from my point of view actually came at detriment to the overall taste. Sure it added a nice soft smooth texture but it only diluted the flavour and was probably why I easily tucked away 100g in one sitting. Dont get me wrong its still a nice tasting chocolate bar but in my opinion your best off tucking into 50g of the Alpine Milk - if only so you consume less calories . If your a massive fan of Milka this is worth having a look at - but for the rest you might aswell stick to the Alpine Milk.

7.4 out of 10