July 8th: Cadbury Boost Totally Nuts (Aus)

Kcal 326 Fat 19.6g Fat(sats) 10.1g Carbs 31.4g

Australia plays host to many wonderful things that we are all pretty aware of...Koala bears, Kangeroos, Fosters, good cricket players etc etc...what you may not have been aware of...(until now that is) is that Australia also plays host to this rather special Cadbury bar...the "Boost Totally Nuts" ...what a corny name ;)

Like the original Boost we have here in the UK this bar isnt for the light hearted or those watching their weight. This bar plays includes a 'chocolate flavoured centre, packed full of nuts, surrounded in caramel, all covered in Dairy Milk chocolate'....all this results in a 60g bar that includes nearly 20.0g of fat (28% GDA!) and 10.0g of saturated fat (42% GDA)...as I said you do not wanting to be encorporating this into any weight loss plan...this bar is a literally a meal - after eating and placing my slight twinge of guilt to aside I did indeed feel wholly satisfied.

The bar came in a nice looking foil package - indeed the name is pure cheese but at least the outlandish glucose claim of our Boost bar was no where to be seen...I think this bar knows its naughty...naughty but you love it :P The look of the bar really suprised me!!! It was literally half the size of the standard Boost!?? How can this be with them both being 60g? Well the bar was crammed to brim with peanuts but still it did look rather pathetic compared to the sheer butchness of our original variant. The bar smelt pretty nice, no indication of any nuts ... just a sweet slightly cocoa noted smell...not quite the milkyness of the UK Dairy Milk but it smelt fair nonetheless.

My main gripe with the UK Boost was the sweetness of the bar....well this was no problem here. Though the Dairy Milk wasnt quite the same as our UK brand though it still had a nice creamy flavour with the same melt in the mouth smoothness...it provided a delicious thick coating. As you can see above in the cross section the next layer in was the caramel which ran the whole way round the bar forming an inner coating of sorts. It tasted simply divine! Like in the UK Boost it held a thicker texture to normal Cadbury Caramel and had a nice chewy texture. Unlike in our original Boost though its flavour was not as half as sweet and was far more subtle with a lovely syrupy flavour. Obviously the real distinguishable ingredient of this bar were the peanuts...and boy were there alot of them! They accounted for 25% of the total bar...quick maths thats 15g - thats alot for a bar that contained so many other substantial layers. The nuts had a nice fresh crunchyness to them and benefitted greatily from being implemented in a whole state rather than chopped. The truffle like chocolate favour centre was the weakest of all the layers though it added a nice smooth texture which contrasted nicely with the crunchyness of the nuts. The nuts more than made up for the relatively weak taste of the flavoured centre with a deliciously buttery salty roasted flavour.

Overall this bar really was an absolute treat - it looked small but it packed a hell of alot of flavours in a balanced plentiful textured bar. The flavour of the nuts with their slight saltyness balanced the sweetness of the bar perfectly and the more subtle flavoured caramel layer further added to the stability of the taste. I saw Amanda at Chokolit said this bar was once avalible in the UK? I cant recall it myself but as ever im sure someone will spread some light on this for me. I really did enjoy this bar and would really recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to try it - naughty!?...definately! delicious and worth it!?...oh hell yes!!

8.7 out of 10