July 9th: Cadbury Buzz (NZ)

Kcal 85 Fat 2.6g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 14.3g

A mini review for a mini product. I imported this little bar (20g!) as a means of rounding up my last order from http://www.sanza.co.uk/ to a round £10 ... by telling you that Im trying to get across the point that this wasnt a bar I was very much aware of before I ordered it - I solely bought it on impulse and had never heard of it before.

The 'Buzz' bar is made in New Zealand and distributed in Australia - it described itself as 'Dairy Milk Chocolate covered marshmallow and caramel' - it sounded fair enough.

Although I wasnt expecting much from such a small bar even before I tasted it I was extremely disappointed. The bar didnt look anything special out the packet...there was a sticky residue covering the top of the bar which made my fingers feel horrible and messy - Unfortunately its smell was even worse. It had a slightly sour aroma...like gone off milk - hardly appertising!

Tasting the bar things didnt get much better - frankly it tasted horrible and cheap. The milk chocolate layer (supposedly Dairy Milk!! err I think not!) was extremely thin which made for a relatively flavourless element. The caramel was nothing like the standard in taste of any other Cadbury bar I have tasted; its flavour was sickeningly sweet and a quick glance at the ingredients showed that it was actually 'golden syrup'...im sorry but last time I checked caramel was not golden syrup. The final element - the marshmallow, was fine in texture but just horrible in taste. It had a spongy sticky feel which was at least a little unique. Despite this its presence in the bar was ruined by its cheap flavour...im normally a big fan of marshmallow but this was frankly terrible...horribly artifical in taste - disgusting!

Overall this bar has to be one of the worst I have eaten on Chocolate Mission. Cadbury's normal high standards completely deserted them here and its really no where near the standard of 99% of their portfolio. The chocolate was insignificant in proportion aswell as flavourless..the caramel was horrible and the marshmallow was not much better. Im going to stop here as I really dont want to waste much more time on this bar...take my word for it - avoid..this is one New Zealand can keep!

4.2 out of 10