August 10th: M&Ms M-Azing Crunchy

Kcal 230 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 27.0g

This was one of those bars that had been hanging around my brimming box of chocolates to be reviewed for a good few months. Quite why until today I neglected this bar I don't know - it even promised to be amazing!! Well..sort of!? That is what I think the name of the bar was trying to get at anyway...spelling at Mars obviously isn't top of their priorities.

The M&Ms 'M-Azing Crunchy' bar came in a 43g serving size and incorporated 'mini Crunchy M&Ms in a solid milk chocolate bar'. The bar came in a paper sleeved outer wrapper with the chocolate itself wrapped in silver foil. I liked the appearance of the bar, it was split up into eight blocks with pictures of the M&Ms characters moulded into the surface. The bar managed to maintain a smooth surface area despite the inclusion of the mini 'Crunchy M&Ms' - the M&Ms added a nice bit of colour to the mix aswell - the bar didn't look at all bad. When released from the foil and sectioned the chocolate emanated a sweet smell...nothing special but it did smell far more appetising than standard M&Ms.

I have been eating some pretty high standard milk chocolate recently and unfortunately this bar just didn't fall into this category. It had a poor texture that seemed to clump in my mouth rather than melt, and did not have the smoothness that I have experienced with other milk not just talking about the more premium priced milk chocolate offerings either...this lacked the texture qualities of more mass produced bars like Dairy Milk and Galaxy. Unfortunately what the chocolate lacked in texture it did not make up for in taste - it had a poor sugary taste that lacked any real cocoa was just overly sweet and cheap tasting. The mini 'Crunchy' M&Ms gave a nice simultaneous flavour hit of rice and textured crispness, though due to their light nature they were often overpowered by the clumpy dominating chocolate.

Overall a pretty poor offering from Mars in a bar that really shouldn't have been too hard to pull off. Standard Mars milk chocolate (like used in Mars / Snickers bars etc) normally has a pleasant milky flavour that although is hardly groundbreaking is of a fair standard nonetheless. Unfortunately Mars saw it fit here to use a substandard milk chocolate that was poor in its grainy texture and its overly sugary taste...the mini 'Crunchy M&Ms' were fair game but they were predominantly overrun by the ever-present chocolate. This is a bar I really wouldn't recommend unless your a big M&Ms fan...this wasn't one I enjoyed.

6.0 out of 10