August 12th: Nestle 100 Grand

Kcal 190 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 30.0g

The 100 Grand was a bar that I had been wanting to try for ages, thanks to my pals over at Sweet Mayhem today this became a reality. The '100 Grand' is a bar produced by Nestle in the United States and is formed of caramel, milk chocolate and crisped rice.

The bar came in a 42.5g serving which provided a suitably sized snack. It came in a pretty standard wrapper that was relatively plain in its appearance; it had a more classic design rather than a flamboyant dynamic one. The product was split into two seperate finger shapes as you can see in the above picture. Similar to the wrapper, the bars looked nothing out of the ordinary and were relatively simple and practical in design. The crisped rice gave the milk chocolate a textured look but that aside there was little decoration. The finger pieces had a pleasant enough sweet chocolaty smell that had the smallest savournyess from the rice crispy pieces.

The Nestle 100 Grand offered a largely similar proposition to the standard Nestle Crunch bars I reviewed a while ago - though thankfully the 100 Grand had a little bit more going for it due to the presence of the caramel. The milk chocolate coating was milky and sweet in its flavour and had a resonably nice smooth melting rate. Letting the milk chocolate simply melt away allowed the rice crispy pieces to release their biscuity flavour - what I did like about the rice crispy pieces was that they retained a relative crunchyness to the bite even when moistened by the melting chocolate. The malty biscuit flavour was quite subtle but could be distinguished from the chocolate nonetheless. The middle parts of both the fingers contained the caramel centres which delivered in terms of giving the bar that little something extra that both the Nestle Crunch bars lacked. The flavour and texture of the caramel was not the best, it had a grainy toffee like feel to it and a sweet but subtle taste; it was not the best caramel implementation I have experienced but the bar benefitted from it nevertheless.

Overall a pretty fair bar from Nestle, but one that never did anyhing that really excited me. Appearancewise it looked nice and it certainly did a job subsiding my afternoon stomach rumbing. Tastewise it was pleasant enough but nothing more; the texture of the crisp rice and chewy caramel was enjoyable, though the grainy feel of the latter was slightly sloppy. If your a fan of the Nestle Crunch this is a bar you should really think of checking's extremely similar to the Nestle Crunch milk chocolate with just that little bit more with the inclusion of the caramel element. Nice enough ,but just a little average and never going to set anyones world alight.

7.3 out of 10

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