August 13th: Reese's Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bat

Kcal 170 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 17.0g

It was over two months ago I reviewed the first of the Reese's 'Dark Knight' special edition movie tie-ins...the 'Reese's Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Medallions', a product I did very much enjoy. The movie is currently being shown worldwide and if I say so myself it's really rather damn good - I recommend you go see it. Buoyed by my initial success with the 'Medallions' and sheer love of the film I literally jumped at the chance thrown to me by CandyPirate to review the full sized Reese's Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bat.

This variation of the Limited Edition Reese's Dark Knight range came in the form of a 34g full sized 'bat'. It was by no means the biggest or most filling of snacks but it was wholly satisfying. The packaging looked pretty smartish - the Batman theme was well displayed but not over the top whilst the orange Reese's theme was still very much evident. The product itself look awesome...shaped in the Batman logo shape it looked fun and massively appetising when sectioned. The only slightest of disappointments in its appearance was the lack of traditional Reese's paper cup, if it had been included I think it would have helped mine keep its shape for longer...the edges of my bat were a little rounded due to the significant air miles it had obviously made during transit. Once opened an all to familiar Reese's peanut butter smell just built my anticipation further. A wonderful sweet smelling roasted peanut aroma was typically Reese's....typically great!

As with the 'Medallions' the 'Dark Chocolate' was so alot better tasting than the standard milk chocolate. Again I will reiterate the point this was no where near flavoured anything like I would call 'real' dark chocolate. It simply just had a stronger chocolaty taste with the slightest of burnt notes in its aftertaste....just so much more flavoursome than the standard milk chocolate. Need I bother explaining the excellence of the peanut butter...probably not...but I will briefly anyway :D It had the same ever-present creamy nutty flavour with the nicest of salty licks. The usual slight dryness was of course also present giving the peanut butter its wonderfully distinct texture. The texture of the peanut butter was not only the big winner here, the dark chocolate was implemented nice and thickly, providing a nice crispness to the bite and a pleasant melted smoothness.

Overall I enjoyed this offering from the 'Dark Knight' special editions range even more so than the 'Medallions'. Both are great products, but the sheer look of the bat shape and extra thickness of the chocolate just makes this the superior format. If your expecting a very bitter dark chocolate offering your probably in for a disappointment, its certainly not even close to being anything like a Lindt 70% etc...its just simply a better, stronger and more genuine chocolate than you get with standard Reese's products, which when combined with the sheer luxuriousness of the peanut butter produces an outstanding offering. Its fair to say if your a fan of Reese's products, or peanut butter this is going to be one product your simply going to love. It's one of my favourite Reese's products ever and one that I definitely recommend.

8.8 out of 10

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