August 14th: Kshocolat Lemon & Pepper White Chocolate

Kcal 553 Fat 32.5g Fat(sats) 20.6g Carbs 58.5g

I have to say the bar I sampled and reviewed today is up there amongst the weirdest interms of flavour combinations. Today my third dip into my Kshocolat batch of goodies saw me sample the 'Lemon & Pepper White Chocolate' variant - a bar that included 'An unusual blend of white chocolate, crushed pepper corns and real lemon'.

The bar came in the usual 80g form, which did me for two substantial servings. The outer packaging was reasonably brightly coloured (when compared to the rest of the range anyway!), the bar itself had an authentic looking speckled appearance which I assume must have been due to the ground pepper as the only vanilla element to the bar was 'natural vanilla flavour'. It had a nice cream coloured appearance and had the same attractive cocoa pod pattern as with the rest of the Kshocolat range. The product looked great but my word it smell awful!!! As soon as I opened the inner foil packaging I detected a very pungent aroma that I would aliken to gone off smelt appalling and nearly put me off eating it altogether - if it wasn't for the slight presence of a lemon scent I possibly wouldn't have.

Thankfully the chocolate tasted alot better than it smelt. The white chocolate had a delightful texture; it melted at a nice pace on the tongue and had a warmth to its aftertaste which I will attribute to the presence of the ground pepper. The taste was very smooth and developed nicely in the course of its melting. The first flavour that was most evident was the lemon - it was fresh and zesty and gave the chocolate an interesting initial favour. As the chocolate melted and established itself the creaminess of the 24% milk solids made themselves known, the chocolate had a light milky vanilla flavour that was certainly enjoyable and never overly sweet. The aftertaste to the bar was where the black pepper came through, as stated previously it offered a warmth to the texture and a nice spicy kick...well worthy of its presence. The combination of ingredients although eccentric added nicely to a good creamy white chocolate - it was a good mixture of flavours and very enjoyable.

Overall I really feared for the potential of this bar before I tasted it - its near cheese like smell was extremely off-putting, and as you can see unfortunately this has had repercussions with its Chocolate Mission rating. I say unfortunately as this bar tasted really quiet good. Its creamy milky white chocolate was balanced nicely with a zesty lemon flavour, and the spicy warming ground pepper nicely added to a smooth sumptuous texture. If Kshocolat could sort out the smell of this bar I would be recommending this left right and centre as a great standard white chocolate offering. Until then I suggest you make sure you have a clothes peg handy if your going to being trying this one.

7.3 out of 10