August 16th: Cadbury Malted Milk (Can)

Kcal 210 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 36.0g

It seems the Cadbury 'Malted Milk' is yet another sneaky bar the Canadian's have been hiding from the rest of the world - as far as I am aware, like the 'Wunderbar' this is only available there. The 'Malted Milk' was billed to me as Cadbury's answer to the Mars bar with an on pack description of 'Light whipped malted nougat and delicious caramel covered with a rich, creamy chocolatey coating'.

The bar came in a 48g serving - it looked large in appearance and certainly did a job satisfying my hunger. The outer packaging was very Cadbury esque - purple in colour and pretty plain with just the Cadbury logo, product name and product picture displayed. Though I could appreciate the plain nature of the wrapper I was somewhat under whelmed by the look of the bar itself - it looked very generic with no Cadbury branding or decoration...the layering between the nougat and the caramel was also non-apparent and the two layers seemed to have converged into one. Aswell as lacking somewhat in the looks department the bar also lacked an aroma of real note. Besides a slight sweet smell it was mostly scentless which really didn't do anything for my anticipation of the taste.

The outer chocolate layer was thick, dense and generally quite well flavoured. Its thickness gave it a nice crispness to the bite though it did not have the smoothest of melts in the mouth and felt a smidge waxy. The milk chocolate coating was not half as flavoursome as Dairy Milk chocolate, it was creamy yes but lacked the depth of chocolaty cocoaness. As you will have gathered from the above the caramel and nougat layers had mixed together despite the fact they were supposed to be seperate. Both elements combined to give the bar a pleasant chewyness that made the flavours last in the mouth that little bit longer - this was no crumbly was more taffy like in its viscosity - especially when chilled before its consumption. Unfortunately due to the mixed nature of the two layers the caramel struggled for a flavour base and although its sweetness could be detected it was nothing more than just added sweetness. By far and away the strongest flavour element of the bar came from the malt nougat. It had a very strong malt flavour that I would alike very much to sponge cake - it was very unique and not like anything I had tasted before. The relatively strong flavours and dense texture made this a very substantial bar, especially for one that only had 210 calories!

Overall this is a pretty sound concept for a bar by Cadbury, but the implementation is partly flawed. The malt element of the bar is well applied through the nougat and has a delicious cakey taste that is well placed in the chewy texture. There are certainly places where this bar could be improved though; the separation of the caramel from the nougat layer is a must as its amalgamation with the nougat does not allow it to establish its full flavour. The design of the bar could also really be improved - at present it is very under whelming in both its appearance and aroma qualities, I'm sure it really wouldn't take much effort to fine tune the bar here. This is a bar that is very worthwhile trying if you come across it, it's uniquely flavoured and one that with just with a few adaptations could vastly be improved upon.

7.3 out of 10