August 16th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Cosmic Toffee Crunch

Kcal 210 Fat 11.5g Fat(sats) ??? Carbs 24.0g

This bar was announced by Kraft as a 'limited edition' back in July (see link!) and was officially released on August 1st. The keener chocolate spotters amongst you may also have seen it in the spherical ball format last Christmas time, gracing the shelves of the fabulous Woolworths. On Pack the bar was described as 'milk chocolate flavoured with real orange with crunchy toffee flavoured caramel bits'.

As with the 'milk chocolate' and 'Golden nugget' variants the bar came in a nicely sized 40g serving that was split into a grand looking six segments - I do love the unique segment look. The packaging was pleasant on the eye though worryingly it did highlight the sheer severity of the economic credit crunch we are currently facing in the UK....the price marked on the pack has risen from a whopping 38p (see 'Golden Nugget' for shocking comparison!) Hard times eh!? :D Every time I have reviewed a Terry's product I am always struck by the strength of the orangey smell that the bars radiate...very sweet smelling but always a clear indication of what you're in for.

Readers may remember that with the 'Golden Nugget' variant I had some slight issues with the portioning of the nugget pieces - they seemed to be all in one end of the bar. This problem seems to have been sorted by Kraft for the 'Cosmic Toffee', as the toffee pieces were evenly dispersed throughout. The pieces were not only evenly spread but very generously proportioned - a little overly so for my liking. The wrapper states 5.5% of the total bar was made from the pieces, but my guessing is they were far greater in number. Texturewise they had a very crunchy crystallised feel to the bite...almost like biting small bits of sugar. This corresponded with their taste - they had a very sweet toffee flavour that verged on being artificial. In comparison to the more honey flavoured 'Golden Nugget' the overall flavour the toffee pieces added was sweeter and stronger, and personally not to my preference. The chocolate orange was still as delicious as ever, very creamy with a zesty fruity base flavour. The chocolate was as smoothly textured as with the other variants but it was slightly spoilt by the harshness of the crunch with the toffee pieces. I wouldn't go as far as saying the toffee pieces came at detriment to the bar, but they certainly were not a prolific enhancer to the overall taste.

Overall this is a fair flavour variant attempt from Kraft though the texture and taste dont quite reach the standard of other parts of the Terry's range. The chocolate orange had as ever an enjoyable taste though was slightly burdened by the toffee pieces, which had a harsh bitty texture and a taste that got ever so slightly overly sweet towards the end of the bar. This is not the greatest variant from the Terry's range though its worth trying for the meagre price it will cost you....inflation accounted for and everything.

7.8 out of 10