August 17th: M&Ms Razzberry

Kcal 210 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 30.0g

The sheer amount of limited edition M&Ms seem never ending, though I think after reviewing today's 'Razzberry' flavour I am mostly up to date (M&M Premiums reviews coming soon!!). These were released nearly a year ago but are still quite widely availible, I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of these raspberry flavoured M&Ms from CandyPirate for the purpose of today's review.

hese came in a 42.5g M&M single serving bag in a garishly pink coloured package...hmmm lovely! The M&Ms themselves corresponded to the packaging colour - bright pink sugary shells with darkly coloured milk chocolate insides..nothing amazingly special looking about them but the colour variation was at least different from standard M&Ms. Normally I harp on about how M&Ms are lacking in any aroma credentials...these 'Razzberry' M&Ms actually had a quite evident sweet fruity smell...slightly artificial but it at least was relative to the flavour.

The M&Ms were slightly odd in their size...some were a lot larger than others which surprised me somewhat as M&Ms are
normally sized identically. Though I enjoyed the thicker shells of the larger pieces they were to heavy on the raspberry. The raspberry flavour in these M&Ms was of course achieved through the artificial flavours in the shells. The flavour was distinctly berry like and fruity but at the same time very sweet. The smaller pieces in the pack did manage to strike a better balance of raspberry and milk chocolate; when chewed together the creamyness of the chocolate did manage to dilute the sweetness of the raspberry flavour - making it more of a fruity undertone. In the instances where the pieces were larger the taste was often to intense in its sweetness and actually left quite a horrible acrid aftertaste in the mouth.

Overall as witnessed with the 'Wildly Cherry' limited edition, fruit flavours just do not seem to be a strength of the M&Ms brand. The taste of the raspberry was just overly sweet and quite artificial tasting; in the instances where the pieces and shells were larger the raspberry sweetness over dominated the chocolate making for an overly intense quite sickly taste. Limited editions are always intriguing to try, and I guess that is the reason of their existence - I wouldn't masively recommend these but if your a fan of raspberries then these may be of interest.

6.4 out of 10

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