August 18th: Hotel Chocolat Caramellow

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

The last flavour left for me to sample from my latest 'Peepster Box' was the 'Caramellow' which came billed as 'Swirls of caramel and milk chocolate topped with florentine, caramel drops and crunchy cinder toffee'.

The slab was similar in its build to the previously reviewed 'Rocky Road' - a single 100g slab with a solid base of milk chocolate with added extra elements. Normally products of this size I would eat over two sittings - if you haven't peeked at the score already im going to spoil the review for you here by revealing that this bar was simply too good to not eat all at was simply just too moreish. The slab looked absolutely fantastic - the blend of the two shades of chocolate had a delightful swirl pattern and the extra elements to the bar just made for an outlandish and interesting look - not quite the diversification of colours as with the 'Rocky Road', but it still looked marvellous. I was expecting an aroma similar to the one experienced with the 40% house milk chocolate bar and wasn't disappointed. It smelt creamy and chocolaty with an added sweet toffee like edge...well and truly tempting.

The milk chocolate was of the standard 40% house recipe and was as delicious as ever with its super smooth cocoa heavy taste. What was surprising though was that the milk chocolate was outshone by the simply outstanding flavour of the caramel chocolate that tasted out of this world. The caramel chocolate constituted 28% of the base of the bar and also the 'caramel drop' pieces on top the slab. It was immensely creamy and had an even greater buttery taste that was all the more delicious with its heavily toffee noted aftertaste. The florentine pieces delivered another delightful flavour element, adding a nice almond and hazelnut woody type nuttiness where present.

You may remember that the 'Rocky Road' slab had a similar centrepiece component as with the cinder toffee piece in this 'Caramellow' slab. Unlike the cookie piece in the 'Rocky Road' the cinder toffee was glorious in its taste and well worthy of saving for the very last bite. It had a toffee brittle like sugary taste that although sweet, was a wonderful texture variation against the smooth chocolate elements. Each bite of this slab was wonderfully diverse and equally as rich in its flavour - simply magnificent.

Overall this certainly was a busy slab, though each ingredient genuinely added to what was a delightful culmination of flavours. The milk chocolate was as good as ever; though was outshone by the caramel chocolate which was rich, creamy and had a wonderful toffee noted flavour. The florentine squares, caramel drops and cinder toffee piece not only made the bar look amazing but were all great additional flavour elements, and made each bite amazingly diverse. Im running out of superlatives to use for Hotel Chocolat, this is one of my favourite products of theirs and is definitely up there amongst the best bars I have tried. Yet more fantastic stuff from Hotel Chocolat and one for caramel and milk chocolate fans alike - need I even say I recommend this!?

9.3 out of 10