August 1st: Kit Kat Custard Pudding

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Im normally inclined to leave the whole Japanese Kit Kat sector to Terry over at The Chocolate Review, who to date has done a sterling job at sampling all sorts of weired and wacky flavours (see HERE). Despite Terry's dedication to the Japanese Kit Kat cause I simply couldn't resist the temptation of trying a few of the different flavours out for myself via a bit of Ebay wheeling and dealing.

Today I sampled the ever so traditional Japanese themed 'Custard Pudding'* ;) The Kit Kat itself was of a conventional standard form - two coated wafer fingers. Unfortunately it came in a disappointingly small serving was about the equivalent of one and a half standard Kit Kat fingers. This was no Mr T 'real man sized' snack and did very little at satisfying my mid-afternoon stomach rumbling.

The Kit Kat came in a nice sealed glossy package - complete with authentic Japense writing*. The fingers themselves (despite being ridiculously small grrr!) were nicely formed as per your usual Kit Kat, and had the logo finely etched into the surface. The product had a rather striking yellowish colour which fitted relatively well with the flavour context. The foil pack ensured a pleasant freshness and once opened released a particularly fragrant sweet dairy smell - it was very alluring and suprisingly strong relative to the small size of the product.

The fingers split nicely with a satisfying crisp crunch from the wafers. The outer coating was extremely soft in its texture and literally melted instantly in the mouth, revealing the crisp light wafer. Despite the short longevity of the solidity of the coating its flavour was still very strong and impactful. It had a simply luscious milky base flavour, with a very strong vanilla aftertaste that provided a devilishly creamy combination - truth be told it was absolutely gorgeous. The wafer had a nice crispness which contrasted nicely with the super smoothness of the melted coating; its flavour was sweet with a slight saltyness...rather like a rich tea biscuit.

Overall if it not for its size this would be up there with the best of the Kit Kat range....yes even the peanut butter variant!! The 'Custard Pudding' flavour is remarkably well delivered with a strong creamy vanilla taste that I would aliken very much to the cream filling of a custard creme biscuit...sweet indeed but incredibly moreish which is unfortunate given the ridiculous serving size that the product came in. If you ever come across this product (Ebay is a good place to look!!) then I strongly suggest you try it out - Kit Kat fans will simply love this variant...who knew the Japanese were so hot on their custard!?? I certainly didn't!

7.7 out of 10

*This is a long shot but if anyone can actually read Japanese and can confirm to me that this is 100% branded as 'Custard Pudding' on the wrapper it would be very much certainly tasted like it anyway :D - Jim