August 21st: Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish

Kcal 230 Fat 10.3g Fat(sats) 6.3g Carbs 31.3g

You may have noticed the lack of Turkish Delight reviews on Chocolate Mission - well im going to hold up my hands and freely admit that it's not my favourite confectionary. Chocolate Mission calls for dedication to the cause though, so today I put my preconceptions aside and reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish.

I sampled a 49g single serving bar that on pack was described as 'milk chocolate with Turkish Delight filling (30%)'. The wrapper for me was slightly misleading - as you can see above the Turkish Delight filling is depicted as being a free flowing centre when in reality its far more viscous. The bar had the standard Cadbury logo inscribed on each block, I was rather unimpressed by the look of the didn't seem to be portioned that generously. Despite the foil packaging the bar seemed lacking in its freshness and lacked a real cutting edge aroma. It neither gave the indication of the Turkish flavour or had the usual strength of smell of Dairy Milk - somewhat uninspiring.

Its going to be unsurprising for you to hear that the Dairy Milk chocolate was delicious. This was yet another example of its deliciously balanced creamy, chocolaty flavour...I have said it before and I will say it again - for the price there simply isn't better. Though enjoyable the Dairy Milk really dominated the Turkish Delight element, negating its flavour almost completely - only when the chocolate was completely absent from the mouth could I really detect any flavour from the jelly like filling. Even when eaten in isolation its sweet fruity rosewater flavour was extremely subtle - just simply not strong enough to establish a really presence. The jelly like texture was unique yet lacked presence when in the context of the thick melt of the Dairy Milk chocolate.

Overall its not often I say this but this was an under whelming offering from Cadbury. The Dairy Milk chocolate was of course delicious but this doesn’t excuse the lack of flavour from the Turkish Delight filling. As I said above, I am not a connoisseur of Turkish Delight - but this filling seemed devoid of a true flavour base - even its distinct gummy like texture just blended into the thickness of the chocolate. Though the Dairy Milk chocolate still had a richness to its taste, the bar simply didn't feel satisfying due to the lacklustre filling. I wouldn't recommend this bar based on its Turkish Delight attributes, there just has to be better options out there if its a Turkish Delight flavour hit your after.

6.2 out of 10