August 22nd: Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons

Kcal 15 Fat 0.9g Fat(sats) 0.5g Carbs 1.7g (per giant button)

Awhile back I reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons; my only real problem with them was that because of their small size, it meant they didn't deliver the same flavour hit or substantiality as a standard Dairy Milk bar. Upon suggestion of Chocolate Mission reader Simon, I thought it only right to give Cadbury a chance of redeeming themselves through their 'Giant Buttons' alternative. I know these are a favourite of Jeanna's over at the Wisconsin Candy Dish - so I was mildly optimistic.

Though more commonly found in larger bags, I settled for a single serving size which contained sixteen of these largely size buttons. They were at least double the diameter of the standard 'Buttons', and about twice as thick. They looked far more imposing in their appearance though only provided a slightly more substantial snack than the standard Dairy Milk 'Buttons'. The only criteria that the previously reviewed smaller 'Buttons' could match up to the standard Dairy Milk bar was in their aroma credentials...and this was no different for the 'Giant Buttons'. The simply exquisite smell of Dairy Milk was evident upon opening the packet...the sweet creamy chocolaty smell was unmistakeable - simply divine.

There was simply no better way of eating these than placing one on the tongue and letting it melt. The larger surface area of the 'Giant Buttons' still ensured these melted faster than a standard Dairy Milk block, though the issue of the lack of flavour hit with the standard sized 'Buttons' was definitely not as problematic. The 'Giant Buttons' delivered the amazingly delicious Dairy Milk creamy chocolaty blend almost aswell as the block shape; the taste wasn't quite as long but the flavour hit was very close to being on the same level. Due to the flavours not lasting as long in the mouth and the larger surface area making the melt faster, the 'Giant Buttons' simply didn't feel like the most substantial of products. My hand just simply kept heading for the packet - unfortunately it wasn't long before the packet was empty...a little frustrating.

Overall, though I enjoyed these 'Giant Buttons' far more than the standard 'Buttons', I still wouldn't choose them over a standard Dairy Milk bar. The bigger size of the 'Giant Buttons' definitely delivered more of an initial flavour hit compared to the smaller 'Buttons', though in comparison to a standard bar, the flat shape still meant the melt was a lot faster in the mouth, thus meaning they still didn't feel like a substantial product. Despite this, I still believe Dairy Milk 'Giant Buttons' can suite some occasions perfectly; whether it be the cinema, sharing with friends (fools!!) or to eat one or two with a coffee...there are definitely occasions where these Giant Buttons could be more suitable. I would recommend these as a tasty product, but not as a substantial snack. My own personal preference would be with the standard Dairy Milk bar, but believe me, if someone is offering me a pack of 'Giant Buttons' in the near future, I certainly wont be turning them down.

8.4 out of 10