August 22nd: Twix Dark (Polish & UK)

Polish Version

***UPDATE 30/04/10***

Thanks to ChocolateMission reader Alan I got the chance to try the Polish version of this bar. Compared to the UK version the biscuit was a little blander and didn't quite have the same depth of buttery, shortbread flavours as did the UK version. I couldn't detect any differences between the chocolate or the caramel though.

UK Version
Kcal 123 Fat 6.3g Fat(sats) 3.6g Carbs 16.6g (per finger)

Well well well what do we have here then!?...was my train of thought when I passed these in Tesco the other day - didn't Mars sneakily get this limited edition to market without preparing us...not even as much as a press release! If this review is the first time you have seen these new 'Twix Dark' I can tell you they are currently being sold in Tesco, Sainsburys & Netto in packs of fourteen for around about £1.50-£2......£1.89 for 2 packs in Tesco ;)

So what's the deal with the 'Twix Dark' then!? Well its 'a biscuit finger, covered in a layer of caramel and coated in chocolate'....with the milk chocolate of the original 'Twix' replaced with dark chocolate. The packaging had a nice contemporary look, the individual fingers had decent enough looking plastic wrappers though did not benefit from having foil ones like their impulse bar variants (the ones you find in the shops!!), this would probably account for the lack of genuinely strong aroma. I detected a minor cocoa scent, though it really wasn't that strong. The darkness of the chocolate looked nice against the paleness of the biscuit, the caramel layer appeared very generously portioned and was an appealing golden colour.

The dark chocolate coating had a similar texture to its milk chocolate original and melted at a nice rate to reveal the caramel and biscuit base. It wasn't the most forthcoming in it's flavour though was noticeably less sweet than the original 'Twix'. It did provide a subtle cocoa hit, and had an aftertaste noted with vanilla, though it really wasn't that impactful on the overall was more a pleasant background to the simply delightful biscuit and caramel elements.

Due to the chocolate being less sweet it meant the caramel seemed even more prominent in its flavour. It brought a deliciously sweet chewy texture to the bar that complimented the biscuit base superbly. The biscuit was everything you would want from a biscuit base - crunchy and substantial with a delightfully balanced wheaty taste. Although the caramel and biscuit were both mainly sweet, they each had a slight salty lick to their taste - which made each mouthful all that bit moreish. I ate two of these fingers this afternoon and that proved a very satisfying and fulfilling snack.

Overall you may see that this variant has received a marginally lower score than the original 'Twix'. This is solely down to the product not having a foil wrapper; which lowered the score of its appearance and in turn probably was a main factor in the lack of aroma. Tastewise it was really on a par with the original Twix''s neither better or's just simply a different proposition. As with most mass confection bars (see 'Flake Dark' & 'Reese's Dark Bat) the 'Dark' chocolate was pretty consumer friendly in that rather than really turn up the cocoa levels, some of the sweetness had just been removed from the chocolate. In a way this was disappointing as the dark chocolate taste wasn't really that bold, though it did bring out the best in the caramel and biscuit elements, which became further imposing on the overall taste...and both of which were superb. If your're a fan of the original 'Twix' this is a limited edition really worth tracking down - well worth sticking in the trolley next time your're in your local supermarket.

8.3 out of 10