August 24th: Kit Kat Watermelon / Mandarin Orange / Brown Sugar / Apple

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Following on from last weeks Kit Kat Kinako Soy review I decided to save the rest of the Kit Kat flavours for one solitary mega round up. I have been lucky enough to sample these Watermelon, Mandarin Orange, Brown Sugar and Apple flavours all thanks to UniqJapan who so kindly sent me a rather large package of goodies a few weeks ago. Be sure to check there store out if you fancy trying any of these for yourself..... Sponsor pimping over lets head to the reviews:

It is worth noting that all of these flavour variants were of the same ridiculous size as the previously reviewed Kinako Soy. Indeed they were pleasant to eat across many tea breaks throughout the week, but even then each needed supplementing with something more to see me through the afternoons.

Each of these bars were mainly constituted of milk chocolate - like a standard Kit Kat with obviously each variant containing the flavour within the chocolate.

Below are my tasting notes for each of the different variants:

Watermelon:I liked the packaging of the bar, the colours were vivid and relevant to the flavour. The watermelon flavour was very evident from the smell of the bar - very fruity and sweet.

The milk chocolate retained a nice creaminess though the strong fruity flavour of the watermelon dominated the chocolate. The wheatiness of the wafer came through when chewed though the usual sweetness was offset by the slightest of salty licks. The bar had a long fruity aftertaste. A strong but uniquely flavoured offering.

6.7 out of 10

Mandarin Orange:
The wrapper again had a relevant and bright colour scheme. The product had a sweet orangey scent with a chocolaty undertone. This bar seemed to have the most genuine of flavour smells in that it smelt like fresh orange rather than an artificial flavour enhancer.

This was the chocolatiest of all the flavour variants and had a pleasant milky sweet taste. The wafer again had a strong presence once chewed. The orange flavour was more in the background until the aftertaste where it was very prevalent. This tasted remarkably similar to the 'Orange' Kit Kat that we have available in our UK supermarkets. This was my favourite of the lot.

6.8 out of 10
Brown Sugar:
The packaging was slightly confusing - I had to look on the UniqJapan website to determine what the flavour was before I opened it. Had I just opened it I would have immediately been able to tell it was 'Brown Sugar' ... it was very much like smelling a bag of brown sugar - very strong in it's aroma

The taste strongly evoked memories of home particular of times when making cookies with far too much brown sugar included. The taste was unique; not unpleasant but not overly pleasant either. The brown sugar dominated the flavour of the chocolate and there was a distinct lack of the usual creaminess. The Wafer did seem prominent and defined in its sweet taste. The overall taste was very much like a biscuit...the chocolate element seemed completely lost which in my opinion was at detriment; the brown sugar flavour was too strong if anything.

6.0 out of 10
This one also had me scanning the UniqJapan website for an indication of its flavour. The colour of the packaging was rather puzzling!? Pink & Apple anyone!? The bar smelt very artificial and instantly reminded me of Apple Schnapps...personally that's never a good thing :)

The bar tasted much like it smelt - the overriding flavour was a rather fake tasting apple one which very much dominated both the flavour of the chocolate and the wafer. It was certainly a tolerable artificial apple flavour, but just not a particularly great tasting one. It did leave a slight sour aftertaste in my mouth for a while after eating it which was not the most pleasant.

5.9 out of 10

Overall these were certainly an interesting range of flavours that I enjoyed trying purely for the sheer reason that most of them offered something different from the Kit Kat range we have here in the UK. What was surprising though was the fact that the one I enjoyed most was the flavour we have a close replica for here in the UK - the 'Mandarin Orange.' The 'Watermelon' and 'Apple' variants were strong in their flavours, though for my money were not particularly suited to the Kit Kat format. The 'Apple' flavour especially seemed out of keeping with the Kit Kat, and it's flavour was more artificial than any of the other variants. The 'Brown Sugar' variant was certainly unique but not to my taste - it had more of biscuit focused taste that lacked a chocolate flavour of any note. None of these flavours are particularly groundbreaking, and all are frustratingly small in their size. Still though these are all interesting offerings and worthy of sampling for yourself if your a Kit Kat fan.

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