August 26th: Cadbury Crispy Crunch (Can)

Kcal 240 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 33.0g

The Cadbury Crispy Crunch' is yet another example of a bar from across the pond that our fellow Canadian friends have decided not to share with the rest of the world. The 'Crispy Crunch' is billed as Cadbury's answer to the Nestle 'Butterfinger' & Hershey 'Fifth Avenue' - a flaky peanut butter flavoured centre coated in milk chocolate. Never having tried the 'Fifth Avenue' (Note to self...GET ONE!!) I cannot pass judgement on it compared to that, but I can certainly make comparisons to it with the Nestle 'Butterfinger' ...a bar I wasn't massively impressed with a few months ago.

The bar came in a large 48g serving - I certainly wasn't left wanting anymore than that. The packaging was pretty simple, it was foil wrapped and thankfully came with a cardboard sleeve that protected it's fragile build. If I remember correctly this was not the case with the 'Butterfinger', which I remember being broken in several places despite considerable care. The bar itself was very average looking, just one long thin bar that looked a little uninspiring... no pattern work or anything... not even a logo; the bar was also clumsily portioned in one piece which made it messy when sectioning. When in a whole state the bar had a sweet cocoa smell, when the centre was exposed this quickly changed into a moderate nutty one.

Unfortunately the outside coating was not quite of Dairy Milk standard though it was pleasant nonetheless. It was neither as strong in its cocoa or milk flavours though still had a relatively creamy sweet taste that was superior to the blandness of the coating of the 'Butterfinger'. The chocolate had a nice melt aswell, not particularly long but silky and smooth, which played nicely against the crunchy centre. Though this bar had the 'Butterfinger' beat in its chocolate quality, the same cannot be said for its peanut butter flavour. When I reviewed the 'Butterfinger' I felt overwhelmed at the sweetness of the centre, and thought the peanut butter flavour was lost in an overly sugary taste. Well re-read that last sentence and imagine it multiplied by two!!...Yep the 'Crispy Crunch' was even sweeter and though I liked it's crunchiness, the overriding taste of sugar was all a little too much for me. The actual nut flavour if anything felt like an afterthought in this bar, which should go some way to telling you how sweet the taste was. The sweetness ensured that this bar was really quite sickly by the time of the last few bites, the 48g serving was pushing the limits of what I actually wanted to consume.

Overall the concept of a peanut butter flavoured crunchy centre and chocolate coating is a good just hasn't been done justice yet by either the 'Butterfinger' or this Cadbury 'Crispy Crunch' (Bring on the 'Fifth Avenue'!!!). The chocolate of the 'Crispy Crunch' is superior to the 'Butterfinger's', though the peanut centre of the 'Butterfinger' is superior to the 'Crispy Crunch' ... which put in context isn't saying much. The 'Crispy Crunch' was simply just too sweet for my palette - a bar definitely more suited for those with a very sweet tooth.

6.4 out of 10