August 27th: Cadbury Flake Dipped

Kcal 220 Fat 12.8g Fat(sats) 7.9g Carbs 23.3g

The 'Flake' range has brought pretty mixed results on the Chocolate Mission rating system. After relatively enjoying both the original and dark 'Flake', more recently I was left disappointed by the 'Flake Praline' - a bar that I found took the 'crumbly' texture that little bit too far leaving me both dissatisfied and covered in chocolate crumbs...grrr im still picking them out my keyboard. Today I sampled the 'Flake Dipped' - a bar that contained a standard 'Flake' but coated in a layer of milk chocolate...I can hear you asking the question right now... so how is this different from a 'Cadbury Twirl'!? In truth there's not much of a difference.

Like the other 'Flakes' the bar came in a non weight marked pack - are they trying to hide something!? Regardless it was a pretty satisfying chocolate, definitely the most fulfilling of the 'Flake' range. The packaging was pleasant - foil sealed for freshness and with bright vivid colours. I was relieved to find the bar still all in one piece when I opened the wrapper, and even more impressed to find it didn't break up into several pieces when I sectioned it ... phew I honestly don't think my keyboard could have taken more crumbs - better ... much better! The aroma was pleasant - very distinct with a strong sweet cocoa smell - classic Cadbury.

When I reviewed the 'Cadbury Twirl', although I could not 100% confirm it, I was fairly confident it was comprised of 'Dairy Milk milk chocolate'. Looking at the wrapper of the 'Flake Dipped' it was more heavily weighted on the cocoa solids than the milk in comparison to the 'Dairy Milk' recipe. This was none more evident than through the taste, it had a strong chocolaty flavour that was far more intense in it's concentration. The texture was superb, the outer layer not only kept the bar in one piece but had a superb melt. It was delightfully thick and slowly revealed the crumbly insides - a texture I could finally appreciate for its melt in the mouth qualities rather than its annoying tendency to create a right mess. The aftertaste of the 'Flake Dipped' was long and very cocoa based - it was a truly satisfying, enjoyable bar.

Overall I believe this is a marked improvement on the rest of the 'Flake' range. I cannot stress how much more I could appreciate the melt in the mouth texture of the inner 'Flake' centre with the simple inclusion of a coating to fuse the bar together. Comparing this to the 'Cadbury Twirl', my preference lies with the 'Twirl' for its creamier 'Dairy Milk' taste, though the 'Flake Dipped' still had a very pleasant rich chocolaty appeal. If you enjoy your textured chocolate this is really a bar you will certainly enjoy, deifinately the best of the lot from the 'Flake' range.

8.4 out of 10