August 2nd: Milka Happy Cows

Kcal 530 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 59.0g (per 100.0g)

My world tour of Chocolate has once again swung past Germany with today seeing me try yet another of Kraft's Milka range - the rather oddily named 'Happy Cows'. This bar was formed of a base of Alpine milk chocolate with splodges of white chocolate inserted into the surface...this gave the bar the 'cow' like appearance.

As standard with the Milka range this came in a 100g package - this served me for three sittings...normally I would have consumed 100g in two but due to the taste I chose to eat this over three. I must pass comment on the new 'reclosable' packaging - not only did it serve its purpose keeping the bar fresh but it also handily sealed back up with the ingenuity of the seam of the wrapper being slightly tacky...simple but effective. The design work of the bar itself was certainly unique and despite my small uncertainty at the name of the bar, the splodge theme certainly made it interesting to look at. The bar had a nice aroma that seemed even more dairy based than the original Alpine milk...the cocoa smell didn't quite come through as strongly though it still smelt damn appealing.

The divine texture that im so accustom to expect with Milka was yet again evident from the very first block I placed in my mouth. The milk chocolate melted almost the instant it hit my tongue releasing the milky cocoa nature of the Alpine milk chocolate. The Alpine milk was its usual balanced taste of milkyness and cocoa and the only slight discrepency I noted in this bar was the sweeter aftertaste that misplaced the usual subtle nuttyness. Due to 'splodged nature of the white chocolate it was not present in every block, though even in the ones that it was present it struggled to establish a real flavour apart from adding a sweetness to the aftertaste as noted above. The sweetness unfortunately soon became quite arduous and it slightly spoilt the overall flavour. The added sweetness was solely down to the white chocolate and when I actually tasted it in isolation (after some intricate operation board game like manouevers splitting it from the milk chocolate base haha!) it was very very sweet and tasted somewhat like the Cadbury Dream white chocolate...never a good thing!

Overall despite having a nice base flavour with the Alpine milk chocolate the added white chocolate did little but spoil the subsequent taste. Although largely dominated by the creamy flavours of the milk chocolate the white added an unfortunate sweetness to the aftertaste making this a slightly less attractive option when placed next to an original Alpine Milk bar. The texture, presentation and appearance of the bar are still of a high standard though I will tell you this for nothing - I will not be running to try Milka's white chocolate bar anytime soon. If your after a recommendation from me regarding the Milka range I would point you in the direction of the standard Alpine Milk. Though if you truly believe you can handle the sweetness, then this bar wouldn't be a bad shout either.

7.5 out of 10