August 31st: Fry's Turkish Delight

Kcal 185 Fat 3.6g Carbs 37.9g

Last weeks review of the 'Cabury Dairy Milk Turkish' brought on a barrage of e-mails to my inbox insisting I try out the Cadbury subsidiary offering the 'Fry's Turkish Delight' - a bar formed of a simple 'Turkish Delight centre covered in milk chocolate'.

I haven't had too much luck with the Fry's range so far (see 'Fry's Chocolate Cream' & 'Fry's Orange Cream') but this Turkish Delight variant seemed to come with quite the following, so today it went under the Chocolate Mission microscope.

The first thing I noticed about the bar was it's fat content - only 3.6g, that's pretty damn good for a chocolaty treat. The bar came in a 51g serving, I have nothing to grumble about here, it felt an adequate snack, and saw me through the afternoon. The bar had a nice foil wrapping - I was slightly confused by the tag line 'as good as ever' .... hmmm ok is there any reason why it shouldn't be!? Anyway.... the bar itself I thought was designed quite lackadaisical, the one solid piece would have been better being split up into smaller blocks like the 'Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish' - if only for ease of eating. It did have a slight appeal with it's chunky boldness and thick looking centre, it was far from practical for eating though.

The product had a nice aroma once opened; it had a slight chocolaty smell that once bitten into released the flowery sweet scent of the Turkish Delight. Athough the chocolate coating appeared quite thick, it did little to suggest this biting into it. Parts of the coating were already flaking off the bar before consumption, which was an annoyance. The chocolate that did remain intact had a very quick melting rate, it was gone before the taste could really establish itself and lacked a real flavour hit. Despite the relative disappointment of the chocolate coating I very much enjoyed the Turkish Delight Centre - more so than the Turkish Delight in the 'Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish'. It had a sweet rosewater tinted flavour that was delivered through an enjoyable texture that seemed halfway between a gummy sweet and jelly. Its flavour was distinct, yet subtle and avoided the common pitfall of Turkish Delight of being overly intense with its sweetness. The aftertaste left a longing flowery fruity note in my mouth that made it all that little bit more satisfying.

Overall this is definitely a superior offering to the 'Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish', though it still has its faults. The bar is designed quite badly - it should simply be split into smaller pieces to make it look more aesthetically pleasing aswell as more practical. The milk chocolate could also do with some work. It had a pretty nonchalant presence, and could have done with being a lot more forthcoming in its flavour impact. Despite these gripes at the heart of the product was a great Turkish Delight offering. Its texture was great and substantial, and it's taste struck a great balance of sweetness. If the thought of Turkish Delight turns you a shade of green its probably best you give this one a miss ... though if you love your Turkish Delight, then this is a bar you simply cant miss out on.

7.5 out of 10