August 4th: Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

Kcal 532 Fat 41.0g Fat(sats) 25.9 Carbs 50.3g (per 100.0g)

My initial thought when I saw this bar was that it looked like a posher, more adult form of the Kinder Maxi - it was an assumption that proved not far off the mark. The front of pack promised 'Swiss double milk chocolate with a smooth milk filling' and was said to be made with the finest Swiss ingredients...there was only one way to find out :)

Like the rest of the Swiss Classics range this bar came in a 125g serving with a very appealing, premiuim looking wrapper. The bar also came foil wrapped which maintained the bars very tempting sweet had a delightful creamyness to its aroma that had a suprisingly strong caramel like tone - very alluring indeed. The bar itself looked as amazing as the packaging suggested - the white filling literally gleamed in-between the milk chocolate, the detail of the Lindt logo on each block looked impressively detailed; in its presentation the bar struck all the right notes.

I chilled the bar in the fridge for a few hours before eating it, this gave the middle filling a bit more of a solidity meaning its flavour lasted that litte bit longer. The milk chocolate was as smooth as any Lindt milk chocolate I have tasted. Its flavour was milky though had a nice cocoa root base flavour to it - sweet as always but not overly so; just great tasting, smooth milk chocolate. The middle milk filling was slightly lighter in its texture compared to the milk chocolate - it was buttery and more truffle like. Flavourwise it was not vastly different to the milk chocolate....just even milkier and creamier in its taste. Due to the filling being sandwhiched between two layers of milk chocolate it was hard to really seperate its taste - it was more that it added an extra level of creamyness and smoothness to the overall taste rather than adding a whole new flavour element.

Overall this is another luxurious offering from Lindt - I beggining to lose count the amount of times have I said that now!? The product is stunningly presented and the milk chocolate is of a very high standard . The chocolate is sweet and maybe not for the more mature tastesbuds, but its still deliciously creamy and has a brilliantly smooth taste. The additional milk filling further added to the smoothness of the taste and its extra creamy flavour just made it incredibly moreish. The only slight issue with the bar was that because of its moreish nature and light smoothness it was not the richest of was a good thing it came in a 125g bar - I managed most of it in one sitting. This is definately a bar for the fans of Kinder chocolate - it's an incredibly smooth milk chocolate experience and one I would really recommend you try for yourself.

8.6 out of 10