August 7th: Kshocolat Honeycomb & Vanilla

Kcal 530 Fat 30.5g Fat(sats) 19.2g Carbs 57.5g

Today saw me venture into my Kshocolat bag of goodies for the second time sampling the Honeycomb and Vanilla variant. Unlike the last Kshocolat product I reviewed (72% bar), this bar was made of milk chocolate (31% cooca 17% milk solids) and included honeycomb pieces and vanilla flavouring.

Similar to the 72% offering the bar was presented nicely. I cant say I cared much for the card sleeve - it was rather dull colourwise, but the bar itself was impeccably designed and had the same finely crafted cocoa pod pattern on each block. The bar had a pretty distinct aroma - it smelt sweet and floral; admittedly at first I wasn't overly convinced by it - though the more I ate the bar the more I understood the smell with the taste I experienced.

The milk chocolate became ever increasingly intense in its flavour as it slowly melted on the tongue. The melt was nice and formed a smooth taste which allowed for this slow release of flavour. The chocolate had quite a sharp cocoa edge, for milk chocolate it really wasn't the creamiest of tastes...this wasn't necessarily a bad thing - it tasted pleasant and certainly unique. Each block had its fair share of honeycomb pieces which were formed of 80% honey and 20% milk solids. Each small piece had a crystallised like texture which provided a nice variation against the smooth milk chocolate. Like the aroma suggested the honey had quite a flowery flavour... im no expert but it did remind me vaguely of elderflower - it had a heavy presence in what was a quite a strong aftertaste. The aftertaste of the chocolate was also heavily influenced by the vanillla flavour - it had a bourbon flavour that just didn't sit well with me. It tasted somewhat artifical and left an acrid flavour in my mouth for a long time after finishing the bar. Truth be told it was really quite unpleasant.

Overall this was a hard bar to rate tastewise. Initially I enjoyed the flavours of the bar, the milk chocolate was rich and nicely textured, and the honeycomb pieces added a distinct if slightly unusual foral this point I had the taste down as a 7. Unfortunately the aftertaste of the bar simply spoilt the whole experience. As described above the vanilla flavour was bitter and despite the sweetness of honeycomb it simply wasn't really spoilt for me what was a fairly nice bar of milk chocolate. It's not often that the taste of a bar drags the score of a product down, but unfortunately this was the case with the Honeycomb and Vanilla bar - disappointing.

6.9 out of 10