August 8th: Nestle Milkybar White Moments

Kcal 500 Fat 22.1 Fat(sats) 14.0g Carbs 70.0g (per 100.0g)

Long-time Chocolate Mission readers will be aware that I am a big fan of Milkybar products...from the 'Chunky' bar,the Easter 'Shaker Egg' and even the traditional 'Buttons'; I have enjoyed them all, with each of them scoring at least 8 out of 10. Today I sampled the latest addition to the Milkybar portfolio, the Milkybar 'White Moments' which were described on pack as 'delicious, creamy white chocolate wrapped in a crispy sugar shell'.... a product very similar in proposition to the quite frankly awful M&Ms 'Pirate Pearls'... could these do any better on the Chocolate Mission rating system?

The 'White Moments' came in a 175g grab pouch which I ate over the course of four occaisions. The 'Moments' themselves were slightly larger in size than Galaxy Minstrels and had a sound if uninspiring look. The pouch was nicely presented with a handy reseal able sticky tab included. Despite being concealed in a fresh style package the 'Moments' had only a very insignificant subtle milky aroma...I can only theorise the smell wasn't as strong as with other Milkybar products as the chocolate was being contained within the sugary shells.

The sugary shells delivered on the promised crispness to each bite and gave an expected sweetness. Due to the largish size of the 'Moments', simply sucking on one in the mouth felt like sucking on a sugar cube, ruling this eating method completely out of the question. This meant that each one had to be bitten into which did not play favourably for the chocolate. All too often white chocolate is produced with excessive sugar making the taste unbearably sickly (see Cadbury Dream!!)...this is something that Milkybar generally avoids as the high milk content makes for a creamyness that normally dominates the taste. Unfortunately the sugary shells just added to the sweetness of the original Milkybar chocolate and masked the normally delicious creamyness, making for an extremely sweet taste that sooner became more sickly than it did satisfying.

Overall im starting to believe that sugar shelled white chocolate is simply something that can't be pulled off. Milkybar is among my favourite white chocolate, but when placed in this format it could not avoid the inevitable, and when the additional sugar from the shells was added to the mix these 'Moments' fell down the all too familiar trap of being overly sweet in their flavour. To be honest I was more disappointed than I was suprised at these 'White Moments', and because of that I wouldn't overly recommend them. In my opinion these are a pretty poor line extension for Milkybar, and though I can see their appeal to a younger consumer with a pallette more accustom to sweeter tastes, I think your better off seeking out another product from the range if your after a dose of Milkybar.

6.7 out of 10