August 9th: Cadbury Wunderbar (Can)

Kcal 310 Fat 18.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 33.0g

Until today if you had asked me what a 'Wunderbar' was I would most likely have gone a slight shade of red and said that it was an item of ladies underwear. The Cadbury Wunderbar seems to be a product that is very little known outside of its country of manufacture, which is in actual fact Canada.

The bar incorporated a scrumptious sounding 'peanut butter centre with a caramel and chocolate coating', and came in an extremely large and satisfying 58g serving. It was packaged in a pretty standard looking wrapper that incorporated a typical Cadbury purple colour code scheme. The bar itself looked almost identical to a Cadbury Starbar though the peanut butter centre had a nice moist look to it, the bar also appeared a tad larger. Splitting the bar down the middle revealed a delightful sweet nutty smelt absolutely delicious; I simply couldn't wait to dig in.

Biting into the bar revealed a vast array of textures and flavours... so many infact that im going to find it hard detailing them all. The chocolate coating was just the right thickness and provided both a nice cracking sensation when bitten into, and also a nice melt when left on the tongue. The chocolate didn't quite have the flavour depth of Dairy Milk though it was of a good standard nonetheless. Tastewise it didn't have the strongest of cocoa strengths, but it had pleasant creamyness that allowed the rest of the other ingredients to express themselves. The caramel layer was a genius had a delightful sweetness and chewy texture that really complimented the peanut centre. The centre was a mixture of peanut butter and peanut pieces, which made for a wonderfully moist but crunchy texture. Flavourwise it wasn't quite as creamy and flavoursome as Reese's peanut butter but it was still very tasty and had a nice strong smooth nutty flavour. The addition of the peanut pieces added yet another variation in the texture and made the bar all the more substanstial. Looking at the nutritional values this isn't a bar for a person on a diet, just look at the fat content! Disregarding that, if your're after a truly satisfying and substantial chocolate bar you will be hard pressed to find better.

Overall this is a really good standard bar from Cadbury - so much so that I am really surprised at its lack of distribution outside of Canada. None of the layers to the bar are individually executed to the highest standard, though the way they are integrated together truly makes for a high quality amalgamation of different flavours. The sheer array of textures and flavours is outstanding - from the smooth creamy chocolate, sweet caramel and moist crunchy nutty centre, each bite was interesting and full of flavour - a real delight to eat. It's almost selfish of the Canadians to be keeping this bar all to themselves :) if your lucky enough to come across a 'Wunderbar' I would highly recommend you give it a try.

8.8 out of 10