September 26th: Milka & Daim Bar

**Updated** 09.04.2010

This bar is now available in a 45.0g impulse bar here in the UK - see my photo above!!

Kcal 530 Fat 30.0g Carbs 59.0g (per 100.0g)
Dean-German-Grocery recently sent me a near truckload of their latest and best selling German goodies in order for me to sample and review. Included in this package was this exciting Milka bar, a bar combining both Milka Alpine Milk chocolate and the ever popular Daim bar - two great individual products. Were they a perfect combination?

The bar came in the standard 100g Milka serving, as usual I ate this over two sittings - I felt like I could have eaten a little more each time but the servings were adequate enough. The bar came in the new plastic wrapper packaging, personally I liked the style of the wrapper, it had a nice bright glossy look, whilst also maintaining a nice freshness to the product - all in one recyclable layer ... good work Kraft! The bar had a pretty pleasant aroma; it had the typical dairy chocolaty Alpine Milk smell with just a little added sweet scent thrown into the mix.

When reviewing the Daim bar, I just couldn't quite get on with its lack of substantiality, I found the thinness of the bar very unappealing, the chocolate flaked and just wasn't impactful enough with it's flavours ... saying that I actually quite liked the caramel centre. This collaborative bar took all the problems of the Daim and threw them out the window! The Milka Alpine Milk chocolate provided a fantastic coating for the plentiful Daim pieces dispersed throughout the middle of the bar. The Alpine Milk provided a perfectly balanced smooth dairy taste that was impactful with its flavour, but not overly so that it dominated the Daim. The Daim pieces were very generously portioned and provided a fantastic contrastive crunch element against the smooth melting Alpine Milk. This was actually one of a few chocolates I enjoyed chewing, the Daim pieces literally exploded with their strong sweet caramel flavours that had a unique 'burnt' quality to their taste. The Daim element left a delicious long lasting taste in the mouth, it would have been nice for the milky chocolate flavour to have lasted longer but this has never been a strength of Milka chocolate.

Overall this is the best Milka bar I have tasted to date. This bar brought the best out of both individual elements; the Daim benefited greatily by being implemented in a bigger, more substantial milk chocolate coating, and the Milka Alpine Milk benefitted from having another dimension to it's overall flavour. It's not completely without it's faults the bar could possibly benefit with a slight refinement in it's cocoa levels ... Alpine Milk is indeed very milky and could be a little bland for some palettes. That aside, this is a bar that proves that 2 + 2 = 5 is definitely possible.

8.5 out of 10