September 10th: Cadbury Snack Sandwich

Kcal 135 Fat 7.2g Carbs 15.6g

The Cadbury Snack range has already served up two pretty average offerings to the Chocolate Mission rating system; both the 'Snack Shortcake' and the 'Snack Raisin Cereal Bar' hardly went any way to setting any fires alight. Despite this I couldn't help myself when I saw this 'Snack Sandwich' - I have to cover all bases now don't I.

This 'Snack Sandwich' was described on-pack as a 'milk chocolate coated shortcake sandwich biscuit'. It came packaged in a foil wrapper that followed much the same design as the rest of the 'Snack' range. I have previously criticised the product appearance of the rest of the 'Snack' variants, though I actually liked the look of the 'Sandwich'. It had an appealing design with the Cadbury logo inscribed on the coating of the bar. The cross-section of the bar also had an impressive look with the layers being very defined in their appearance. The product had a pretty standard chocolaty aroma - it was neither strong nor overly enticing in its presence ... simply what you would expect from such a bar.

The milk chocolate comprised most of the constituents of the bar (69%). It didn't quite have the full flavoured Dairy Milk flavour, though it was still pleasant nonetheless. The milk chocolate had a strong sweet milky taste and provided a great coating to the bar. It wasn't quite the smooth texture of Dairy Milky and did clump as it melted; it had an ever so slight grainy feel in the mouth. The biscuit element had a nice buttery taste, which had just the slightest salty kick. Placed in the middle of the shortcake biscuit was a milk chocolate creme layer. Though it further added to the coating flavour, it affected the texture of the biscuit giving it a moist limp feel, which obviously wasn't preferable to the crunchy texture I was hoping for. Despite the vaguely disappointing textures, the combination of the milk chocolate and biscuit elements worked nicely to provide a pretty satisfying proposition considering its relatively small 26g size.

Overall desipte this again being nothing more than a pretty average product from Cadbury, its definitely the best in the 'Cadbury Snack' range I have tasted so far. The milk chocolate wasn't of the highest Cadbury quality, yet it was tasty enough and provided a pleasant coating to the shortcake biscuit centre. The bar could be very easily improved two ways: 1) removing the middle chocolate layer to avoid the biscuit getting moist and 2) making it double the size. I wouldn't say this should be a product you should massively go out of your way to trying, but if your looking for a cheap and quick biscuit based fix, you could do far worse.

7.4 out of 10