September 12th: Butterfinger Creme Egg

Kcal 160 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 23.0g

Creme Egg??? This is no Creme Egg - There is only ONE!!? I wonder how Cadbury feel about all this Nestle?!? Small rant I sampled the 'Butterfinger Creme Egg' courtesy again of CandyPirate. This Egg came described as 'Butterfinger pieces & peanut butter creme in a milk chocolate shell'. Not being the biggest fan ever of the original Butterfinger bar I wasn't expecting much from it in egg form.

The product was a very similar size to most eggs I have reviewed on Chocolate Mission - lol lets not go into how they are getting smaller please. The product weighed in at 32.6g, not the biggest serving size when you think about it - but it was surprisingly fulfilling. The foil wrapping was extremely thin, though it provided a pretty adequate covering for the egg and looked reasonably smart. Opening the egg up it had a thickish layer of milk chocolate, the peanut butter filling took up all available space in the egg - no skimping there whatsoever; it looked a very appetising proposition. The smell wasn't anything remarkable - surprisingly the egg was pretty scentless in regard to its peanut aroma and only had a slight sweet chocolaty smell.

The milk chocolate coating as you can probably guess was nothing ground-breaking. It had a pretty standard sweet milky taste; it was nothing spectacular but did provide a respectable cocoa undertone to the overall taste. My main gripe with the original Butterfinger was that it was just way too sweet, and its crisp texture reminded me way too much of pure sugar. This egg was different, the filling was indeed more like pure peanut butter and creme-like, something that it was all the better for. It did lack the saltiness of Reese's peanut butter, but it still had a creamy roasted flavour that was extremely pleasant. Dispersed in the creme were small sugary Butterfinger pieces that added a nice crunchy contrast to the smooth textures of the chocolate and peanut butter creme. The filling left a long lasting creamy nut flavour in the mouth, as I mentioned above it was a surprisingly satisfying product for its size.

Overall I really enjoyed this egg, far more so than the original Butterfinger. The peanut butter creme, whilst not on the same level as Reese's, was still full of flavour and provided a wonderful filling. The Butterfinger crunchy pieces were not over portioned in the egg, this made sure the taste wasn't overbearingly sweet and thus avoided the sickening taste of the Butterfinger. As egg themed products go this is certainly up there competing with the best of them - not quite on par with the Cadbury Creme Egg but decent nonetheless. Definitely one for peanut butter fans!

7.8 out of 10

Want to try the Nestle Butterfinger Creme Egg for yourself!? Head over to CandyPirate for all your AmericanCandy & Sweet needs all right here in the UK