September 13th: Lindt Lindor Dark Mint Truffles

Kcal 75 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 4.1g (per truffle)

It has been a bit of while since my last Lindt Lindor review - I still have a few more flavours knocking around the ever-expanding 'chocolate to review box'. I believe the Lindor Coffee are currently winning the war of the Lindor truffles - today I took a look at the 'Mint' variant which comprised of a cool peppermint centre encased in dark chocolate.

As we all know Lindor truffles are one of the most incredibly moreish chocolates out there, one truffle can very soon turn into one hundred... something I guess is testament to the taste, though also an indicator of their less than satisfying hunger fulfilling credentials. The truffles looked nice - the filling as you can see had a nice creamy look to it, which certainly appealed to me. Opening the garishly coloured green wrappers released a pleasant cocoa aroma ... there was a lack of mintyness which I didn't anticipate.

The outer chocolate was definitely not the strongest of Lindt's Dark chocolate offerings - nowhere near the richness of the full flavoured '70% Dark '. Its cocoa flavour was not quite as strong or impactful, but its sweeter more subtle chocolaty favour was suited to the mild mannered truffle centre. As with the whole Lindt Lindor range the texture was fantastic, the outer chocolate was smooth in its melt, though the centre took things to another level. It had a butter like texture that melted luxuriously in the mouth - anyone who has had a Lindor truffle will understand the extent of the smoothness im talking about here. The texture of the centre was fantastic but the taste lacked the mint flavour I was both hoping for and wanted. It was very mild in its flavour, it had a butter toffee likeness that had an undertone of peppermint - it was certainly tasty but just didn't deliver a definitive minty taste.

Overall these are a fair truffle offering. The fact they are lacking in their minty taste does seem disappointing, however when comparing the quality of overall taste with other similar products like the After Eight Bitesize, the mildness doesn't seem such a bad thing ... far better than an overpowering minty taste anyway. The dark chocolate is not the most full flavoured Lindt dark offering but it still had a nice melt and smooth cocoa flavour. These are definitely not the best from the Lindor range and I would recommend other variants over these. By no means a bad product, just theres better out there.

7.8 out of 10