September 16th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch

Kcal 455 Fat 23.2g Fat(sats) 14.1g Carbs 54.4g (per 100g)

The widely anticipated new fruit and nut variants from Cadbury finally made their way to me today. Ever since the 'Apricot Crumble Crunch' and 'Cranberry & Granola' were announced earlier this year, I had really been looking forward to trying them ... finally something a little different from Cadbury! Today I sampled the 'Apricot Crumble Crunch'.

I sampled this bar in it's beastly 200g form - I say beastly yet I easily ate this bar over two sittings ... It definitely wasn't a filling bar despite its chunky and largish appearance. The packaging looked nice and varied in comparison to the normal bars from the Dairy Milk range, the yellow glossy foil wrapper looked both modern and aesthetically pleasing, whilst doing a great job keeping the bar fresh. The freshness was no more evident than through the smell of the bar, it had the usual creamy smelling Dairy Milk smell that had the slightest of fruity tinges - yummy! The bar itself looked mightily impressive, the apricot pieces were large and seemed nicely dispersed throughout the chocolate. The crumble pieces provided a nice variation of colour ... the bar actually looked like the picture on the front of pack ... lol its all too often bars come with the promise of massive generous fillings but in reality are a letdown ... this wasn't the case here! 

I wont waste much of your time with describing the taste of the chocolate...surprise surprise ... the Dairy Milk was sublime; rich, thick and smooth in it's melt and all this with a delicious long creamy taste (See HERE for more detail!). 

The fillings were both quite generously portioned, the 'dusted dried apricots' made up 16% of the bar and were present in almost ever single small chunk. The pieces had a nice sweet fruity taste, not the strongest, though dried apricot never really is that full of flavour. The apricot was strongly flavoured enough to give a nice fruity tang, and had an enjoyable soft chewy texture. The 'crumbly crumble pieces' were not quite as generously portioned at only 6% of the total ingredients. The pieces added a nice crunchiness that contrasted nicely with the softer apricot. Personally I thought the crumble pieces lacked flavour, they could have done with having a little bit of salt, which would have made their sweet wheaty flavour more impactful. Truth be told the crumble was all but lost in the chocolate and struggled for presence.

Overall this was a product that ticked more boxes than it didn't. The chocolate was of course delicious, and the apricot pieces added a nice change up in fruity flavours in comparison to the raisins of the original Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut. The crumble lacked presence ... in my opinion, the use of a nut might have been more suited to the product; failing that a stronger flavoured biscuit would probably have just sufficed. The heavy presence of the fillings meant this bar was not the most fulfilling of propositions, as the richness of the chocolate was somewhat toned down. As I said above it's nice to see Cadbury at least attempt something a bit more original - it is definitely not the best product ever, but it's one definitely worth checking out if you like Fruit and Nut combinations - bring on the 'Cranberry & Granola'.

8.2 out of 10