September 17th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Cranberry & Granola

Kcal 500 Fat 25.7g Fat(sats) 15.5g Carbs 60.3g (per 100g)

Having enjoyed yesterdays 'Apricot Crumble Crunch' I was hoping for much the same from the second of the two new Cadbury Fruit and Nut themed bars. Personally I thought this one sounded the more appetising out of the two - the 'Cranberry and Granola' sounded like a better combination of ingredients and certainly a little less gimmicky than the 'Crumble Crunch'.

Sampling the bar again in the 200g form, unlike the Apricot bar from yesterday it took me more than two servings to eat ... the overall taste and weighting of the ingredients made this bar the more substantial out of the two. I had much the same perception of the packaging than with the 'Apricot Crumble Crunch' - the foil wrapper had an impressive looking matted appeal, the dark rouge colour gave both a contemporary and stylish look. The bar itself also looked impressive; the large cranberry pieces provided a nice interesting look and were spread evenly throughout the chunks. The granola was also relatively well spread and gave the surface a textured quality. The smell of the bar was unsurprisingly milk based; it smelt a bit sweeter than a standard Dairy Milk bar with a minor but detectable biscuity element to its aroma. 

The Dairy Milk retained its standard delicious taste, but had it's texture was spoilt somewhat but the rough sharpness of the granola pieces. By the time I had finished the bar the roof of my mouth felt quite sore; sucking on the chocolate whilst it melted meant that the granola pieces had an almost sandpaper like effect, the melt of the chocolate was smooth but the texture of the granola was not favourable in the slightest. When the granola was bitten into it did release a nice oat centred flavour, definitely more flavoursome than the added 'Crumble Crunch' of yesterdays bar - overall it was a nice addition to the taste. The dried cranberries were not quite as pronounced in their taste as the dried apricot of yesterday, they more reminded me of the raisins used in a standard 'Cadbury Fruit & Nut' - they had an obvious chewy texture but were very limited in their flavour. In this case the cranberries only added the slightest of sweet berry burts that was largely overshadowed by the more dominant chocolate. The aftertaste of the product was far longer in comparison to the 'Apricot Crumble Crunch', it had a nice creamy taste with a note of sugary wheaty oats that stayed in the mouth for a nice duration, this made for a pretty satisfying chocolate.

Overall this was another interesting and tasty bar from Cadbury, however after sampling both new variants I now can't help but feel that instead of creating two bars they should have just gone for the one. Despite the granola having a pretty ragged and rough texture, its overall taste was more substantial and meaningful than the 'crumble crunch'. On the other hand, the apricot of yesterdays bar was more flavoursome than the cranberries of this bar ... you can probably see where im going with this .... YEP .... the 'Cadbury Dairy Milk Apricot & Granola'. Well unfortunately this isn't what we have, so focusing on reality - they are both pretty good bars, far from perfect, but good nonetheless. What I did enjoy about todays bar was that like yesterdays, this 'Cranberry & Granola' was at least something a little different and pretty tasty to boot. Again Dairy Milk and 'Fruit & Nut' fans, this definitely worth you taking a gander at.  

8.3 out of 10