September 18th: Nilla Cakesters

Kcal 110 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 1.0g Carbs 16.0g (per Cakester)

Where is the chocolate in these Jim!?? ... short answer there isn't any :) but having reviewed the rest of the 'Cakesters' range in the form of the Oero Cakesters, **I SHOP 4 YOU II** thought it would only be right of me to complete a full range review. As far as I can tell 'Nilla' is a brand owned by Nabisco (Kraft) and is most closely associated with its line of wafer cookies, which are supposed to be 'crisp and light, and have a hint of real vanilla flavour' *Wiki*!!

These 'Nilla Cakesters' followed much the same premise as both 'Oreo Cakesters' variants - two pieces of soft sponge cake, which had a layer of vanilla frosting in the middle. The packet as you can see above contained three of these cakes, which was a little too much to eat in one sitting (which I duly attempted to do and felt quite ill afterwards for doing so haha!). The packaging was nicely presented in a foil pack with enclosed cardboard sleeve that protected the fragile nature of the cakes. The Cakes themselves didn't quite have the contrasting colours of the 'Oreo Cakesters' yet looked very enticing. The smell was very sweet and one I would alike to being like maple syrup, personally I found it quite alluring.

Before eating these I chilled them in the fridge, this made them certainly more enjoyable, and less messy to eat than at room temperature. The outer cake pieces had a moist, almost greasy texture. They didn't have a light sponge feel and were more alike a brownie with their dense weighting. Despite their heavy constituents they offered quite little aside from a very sweet honey like taste, I could detect the odd note of vanilla but the flavour was sparing. Between the two cake pieces lay the devilishly tasty inner frosting. It was hugely sweet in its flavour, but both creamy and moreish at the same time ... it was a bit like eating the icing round a birthday cake - so very tasty, but ever so sugary and sickly ... by the time you realise you have eaten too much you have that awful feeling in your stomach - you must know the one. After eating these I had a nice sweet vanilla taste in my mouth for long after, these were certainly a filling snack - though they were always going to be with the three cakes instead of the standard two.

Overall these are a nice little variation from the 'Cakesters' range, I wouldn't quite say they were as tasty as the Oreo Chocolate Creme Cakesters but they had a similar moreishness to them. The sponge cake pieces could have done with being a little more flavoursome, I guess the real flavour hit is supposed to come from the inner creme layer, but a tastier more vanilla flavoured cake element would have been pleasant. These are hardly man's greatest creation but they are certainly a nice product to have as a snack ... serve them up with some vanilla ice cream and now your're talking!

7.4 out of 10

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