September 18th: Pretzel Flipz White Fudge

Kcal 130 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 20.0g (per 28.0g / 7 pieces)

Way back in April CandyPirate re-ignited my love for Nestle Flipz by sending me a pack of the milk chocolate flavour. Though I thorougly enjoyed them, a little part of me was desperately calling out for a pack of my former favourite White fudge flavour. Thankfully CandyPirate sent me through a pack with their latest delivery, they inform me that these are one of their best selling items!! Now I know these don't contain cocoa (nor do most Hershey's bars nowadays haha!!)... but they are close enough - and considering they were one of my childhood favourites I couldn't help but review these.

Fortunately CandyPirate sent me through a large pack (141g) which went some way to curing the problem that these were so incredibly moreish - a handful soon turned into two ... before I knew it half the pack had gone ... lol oh dear oh dear! The product came in a foil pouch, it would have been useful if it was resealable, though as you will have gathered this wasn't too much of an issue for me. The pretzels themselves looked nice, they had a nice thick coating, which was evenly spread across all the pretzels. Once opened the pouch released a delicious creamy sweet smell that had the slightest of savoury hints ... these smelt great but I hardly savoured the aroma for that long ... I just dug right in.

So what is white fudge!? Well looking at the ingredients it doesn't sound good ... a mix of sugar, hydrogenated oils, milk and artificial flavours. Despite the uninspiring constiteunts the coating of the pretzels was delicious. It tasted milky and creamy with a slight vanilla note, it was very sweet but this contrasted extremely well with the saltiness of the crunchy pretzel. The mixture of sweet and salty flavours, like in the milk chocolate variant made for an incredibly moreish taste. The aftertaste wasn't that long, which probably made these all the more addictive, the flavour hit was intense and delicious, just unfortunately short lived.

Overall these were every bit as enjoyable as I remember them. They are by no means a masterpiece in crafted confectionary but there is simply no doubting their ridiculously great and tasty snacking potential ... they are one of the most addictive products I have tried this year - and I simply just couldn't put the pack down. I think Nestle are really missing a trick having delisted these from the UK, if they were a product I could buy as part of my staple weekly shopping they would be. These are well worth tracking down, the nostalgia appeal is endless ... I fully recommend them if these take your fancy.

8.3 out of 10
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