September 19th: Mars Rocks (Aus)

Kcal 230 Fat 8.4g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 35.5g

The original UK Mars bar is one of my personal favourite bars of all time, suffice to say I was pretty excited when I came across this Australian variant, the 'Mars Rocks': a bar containing all the original elements of the Mars, but with added 'Crunchy Crisps' in the outer milk chocolate layer.

The bar came in a standard 50g serving, complete with a fantastic looking silver foil wrapper. Splitting the bar revealed a pretty interesting cross section, the crispy pieces gave the chocolate a substantial studded look, whilst the nougat and caramel layers were well separated and defined ... it certainly looked the part. The product offered quite little in the way of an aroma, it had a milky smell though it was quite faint - surprising really considering the foil packaging which gave the bar a fresh appeal... aesthetically anyway.

The outer chocolate was nice in it's taste. It had a nice milky flavour that was just about on the right side of its sweetness. It was a lot thicker than the chocolate you get in an original Mars though this was of course due to the presence of the crispy pieces. In theory the idea of the crispy pieces sounded like a reasonable idea, though it was certainly flawed in its implementation. The crunchy texture that the pieces should have added was negated by the chewy caramel and nougat layers ... when chewed the dense nature of the caramel and nougat elements over powered the presence of the crispy pieces and simply stopped them being crunchy. In addition to this the nougat layer varied in its constituents from the original Mars; it was heavier and didn't have the lightness of the original - it felt a little grainy in the mouth and just simply didn't have the same creaminess. The caramel layer didn't seem to vary at all from the original - still delicious and silky smooth - it was just a shame about the nougat as it was far greater in its proportion.

Overall this bar for me was a bit of a letdown. The added crispy pieces just didn't work - their flavour had a nice malty edge however their real point for inclusion was to bring an added crunch element, something that was sadly lacking. The chocolate and caramel elements were of a high standard though struggled for flavour presence against what was really a poor nougat layer. To be honest I wouldn't recommend this bar, simply due to the original being so superior. Fans of the Nestle Crunch may have an interest in this bar, but for the rest of you outside Australia its probably not worth the cost of importing.

7.1 out of 10