September 20th: Aero

Kcal 251 Fat 14.4g Carbs 27.0g

Every once in awhile I come across bars that I know I should really have reviewed a long time ago - The Aero bar being one of them. The Aero is probably anxiously counting down the days until its main rival in the aerated chocolate stakes the Cadbury Wispa will no doubt make yet another triumphant return this October. Well just before the next Wispa relaunch it's only fair I cast my view upon the Aero milk chocolate bar.

The bar came in a pretty hefty looking serving size, though obviously due to its aerated composition really only constituted the weight of a standard sized bar. The packaging was fair in its design, the foil ensured the bar was packaged tightly and kept it in a good condition. The bar itself was nicely presented with Aero logos on each block - the cross section of the bar revealed the bubbly nature of the insides which was fleetingly of interest. The bar smelt very sweet with an all too obvious chocolaty aroma - nothing much to pass judgement on here, simply what you would expect from a Nestle manufactured bar.

As the smell suggested the bar had a sweet taste, it was more forceful in its breadth of sweetness than it was its cocoa flavour. The taste was one of quite a generic milk chocolate, there was certainly nothing untoward about it, but just lacking a real flavour definition in comparison to say Dairy Milk, Milka or Galaxy etc. Obviously the real selling point behind the bar is the texture - 'Have you felt the Bubbles melt' asks the packaging... well yes I certainly have. The outer chocolate had a rather waxy melt and feel in the mouth, though this was more than made up for by the inside of the bar. The bubbles did indeed provide a nice variation of texture, and one that did feel quite pleasant in the mouth. Due to the lightness of the centre the bar, it was hardly a massively filling option, though it's sweetness of taste more than made the serving size adequate.

Overall in my opinion the Cadbury Wispa is definitely the superior bar out of the two; largely down to the overall quality in taste of the milk chocolate. The Aero has a middle ground sweet taste that is neither bold in its cocoa or milky flavours, it simply maintains a pretty medium in between the two, which makes for a pleasurable but relatively uninspiring taste. Personally I think its just a matter of time before the Wispa comes back and reclaims this part of the market.

7.4 out of 10