September 21st: Snickers Dark

Kcal 250 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 30.0g

The original UK Snickers Is one of my favourite bars ever and sits proudly amongst the upper tier of the Chocolate Mission top rated bars. Being the dark chocolate fan I am, I simply couldn't wait to try this dark variation, which simply involved the same peanut, caramel and nougat premise, but with the normal milk chocolate replaced with dark chocolate. I am aware this was originally introduced as a limited edition, though due to popular demand it got made a staple part of the US range....this was one I was really looking forward to.

The bar came in a 51.9g serving size - smaller than the standard milk chocolate version. The bar was still very substantial and wholly satisfying yet not quite the monster of the original Snickers. In appearance the wrapper and bar were unsurprisingly coloured slightly darker - the paleness of the nougat looked even more appetising than normal against the darker coloured chocolate - yum. The bar's aroma was not quite as nutty as normal - it was more cocoa rooted. It still enticed me, but personally I think the roasted nut smell of the original is near unbeatable.

The dark chocolate was very evident from the first mouthful, and it's flavour was instantly recognisable as different from the original milk chocolate. It had a stronger chocolaty taste that although wasn't bitter, was certainly not as sweet, and had a richer flavour that lasted a lot longer in the mouth. Though their chewy textures were still evident and enjoyable, the flavours of the caramel and nougat were partly overwhelmed by the stronger chocolate. Their normal sweeter flavour elements were partially toned down by the chocolate...still recognisable but just not as impactful. The peanuts were as enjoyable as ever with their amazingly tasty roasted flavour...the slight kick of salt was as prominent and beneficial to the overall flavour as with the original. This was a great tasting bar, and was one that left me very satisfyed in terms of hunger fufilment and enjoyment.

Overall this is a nice variation from Mars and one that is worthy of its place in their portfolio. The dark chocolate is pretty 'mass consumer friendly', it's not quite the same proposition as a Lindt 70% dark chocolate; it's more of chocolate with a stronger edgier chocolaty taste - one that in a mainstream environment will be interpreted as 'dark'. The dark chocolate was enjoyable though it's stronger taste wasn't all beneficial as it overly dominated the nougat and caramel elements partially negating their impact. I would definitely recommend this bar to Snickers fans, though not quite the outstanding level of the original Snickers, it's a great variation and well worthy of trying - a bar I would definately have again.

8.8 out of 10