September 23rd: M&M's Premiums Raspberry Almond

Kcal 240 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 42.0g serving)

A few weeks ago, thanks to **I SHOP 4 YOU II** I took my first look at the M&M's Premiums range with the 'Triple Chocolate' flavour - I thought they were absolutely delicious, and definitely worthy of their 'Premium' branding. The standard had well and truly been set - read on to find out if these 'Raspberry Almond' M&M's Premiums matched up to expectations?

The 'Raspberry Almond' flavour consisted of 'Raspberry flavoured white chocolate and almond nut, wrapped in dark chocolate' - a pretty interesting mix that I can't really recall encountering elsewhere beforehand. From the pictures above you will see that again the product was nicely presented in the modern style packaging. The M&M's themselves again looked stunning with their marble effect painted finish - the insides of each M&M also looked very impressive with a distinct layering and definition between the different chocolates, aswell as a fresh looking nut. Opening the inner plastic packet I was met with a strong fruity berry aroma. It smelt very distinct, and I guess very relevant for the flavour, though one part of me couldn't help but feel that it was overly sweet and artificial - of which of course it was. Surprisingly there were no genuine raspberry ingredients listed on the packaging whatsoever. Fruit flavoured M&M's have always been pretty weak in my reckoning, and my previous reviews have always called for Mars to use real fruit elements instead of the artificial flavours ... no such luck again here.

The artificial nature of the smell soon paled in comparison to the artificialness of the raspberry in the taste. The raspberry flavour was sharp, overly sweet and just really quite fake in it's flavour. It was unfortunately the strongest part of the taste - and dominated the almond and chocolate layers. When eaten in isolation from the raspberry flavoured white chocolate, the almonds were crunchy and fresh with a pleasant buttery taste, the dark chocolate was also fair flavoured, providing a decent semi-sweet cocoa element to the taste briefly. The aftertaste was of course dominated by the sweet artificial berry flavour ... a shame ... a real shame. Too sweet, too fake - in a word poor!

Overall to put it bluntly, this was a terribly disappointing product. Your always going to be in trouble when trying to achieve a flavour through artificial ingredients, but even then the attempt through this method was terribly exectuted. These were no better than the original limited edition M&M's Razzpberry, which when I reviewed a few months ago were equally as disappointing ... I guess the only thing we can say about them now is that at least they didn't have the premium price tag like these. M&M's just don't see to be able to pull off fruit flavoured variants ... and these more confirmed this to me rather than dispelled that theory. Personally not a product I would recommend. Lets hope the range gets back on track with my next review from the 'Premiums' line.

6.9 out of 10

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