September 25th: Hershey's Bliss Milk Chocolate Meltaway

Kcal 220 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 10.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 6 chocolates)

Todays review is the final variant from the Hershey's Bliss range the 'Milk Chocolate Meltaway', another product that was sent to me by **I Shop 4 YOU II**. Both the 'Milk Chocolate' & 'Dark Chocolate' variants provided pretty adequate chocolate offerings, the 'Dark Chocolate' option my personal favourite of the two.

So what did this 'Milk Chocolate Meltaway' constitute of!? Well it wasn't the truffle like product I gathered from it's name - I envisaged a solid milk chocolate coating covering a soft truffle centre...well I was almost entirely wrong. This product consisted of a solid chocolate that had an added dose of Kernel/Palm oil that gave it a softer texture. As you can see above it was packaged the same as the rest of the range, each in an individual foil wrapper; as with the pink colour of the dark variant I found the choice of colour a bit puzzling ... beige just has to be the most boring colour ever!! Why Hershey's picked this colour I do not know! The chocolates lacked a definitive smell, it did emanate a mild chocolaty scent but it was far from what I would describe as striking.

The texture of the chocolates were certainly unique ... I have never had anything else quite like it. The chocolates still maintained a very solid shape, however had an extremely soft melt as soon as they entered the mouth. It was very much like a truffle filling ... but just solid in its initial form. The melt was extremely quick, but it was pleasurably soft and smooth, and had a luxurious nature about it. Unfortunately this didn't quite play favourably in terms of the taste of the product. The product had an almost identical taste to that of the 'Bliss Milk Chocolate' variant, it had a pleasant enough creamy taste, it's certainly not a world beater in terms of its flavours but it was good quality milk chocolate nonetheless. Unfortunately due to the speed of the melt, the flavour in the mouth didn't last that long, this meant that these were really not a satisfying chocolate ... the taste simply couldn't be savoured, which was a shame considering it wasn't half bad.

Overall I would have to say this variant was the weakest of the Hershey's Bliss range. The texture was indeed very unique - it's solid chocolate build but super soft melting texture was certainly enjoyable, though unfortunately this completely came at detriment to the taste; and made it an extremely unfulfilling product. If you like smooth soft textures and subtle flavoured chocolate, this could be a product you should consider trying. The Bliss range as a whole was slightly under whelming ... by no means bad chocolates whatsoever, but still just not a real 'must try' range. If you are keen at trying them for yourself I would recommend the 'Bliss dark' option over the other two milk chocolate variants.

7.4 out of 10

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