September 27th: Ritter Sport Milk Whole Hazelnuts

Kcal 565 Fat 37.9g Fat(sats) 17.4g Carbs 46.9g (per 100g)

Chocolate Mission truly is a becoming a world wide phenomenon ... the latest supplier to kindly provide me with some of their regions greatest goods are Dean-German-Grocery - who stock quite possibly the largest number of Lindt, Milka, Storck and Ritter Sport etc goods I have ever seen - and the best thing!? Well they ship worldwide ... definitely worth checking out if you are after the more obscure varieties from those brands.

Today Dean-German-Grocery provided me with the 'Ritter Sport Milk Whole Hazelnuts'; as you probably gathered this was the milk chocolate version of one of the current 'top rated bars' the 'Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts'.

The bar came in the standard 100g 5x5 blocked serving size that I ate over two sittings. Each provided a very substantial serving, and left me feeling wholly satisfied. The packaging was its usual high standard; the choice of colour of course highly appropriate and the bumpy hazelnut pattern was also a nice touch. The bar itself looked mightily impressive, the whole hazelnuts appeared well dispersed and neither affected the splitting of the bar nor the perfectly imprinted Ritter Sport logos. The bar also had a pretty pleasant smell, I couldn't detect the strongest of nutty aromas but it had a nice strong chocolaty fragrance that went some way to raising my already high anticipation.

Similar to the 'White Whole Hazelnuts' bar, I found that by far and away the best eating method was to let the chocolate of the blocks melt away leaving the whole hazelnuts to crunch on. The milk chocolate had a highly enjoyable smooth thick melt that lasted a near perfect amount of time in which to release it's flavors. The milk chocolate had a nice long taste, it was more cocoa intensive than it was milk based, it wasn't the best milk chocolate I have tasted; it didn't have a really unique taste to it like Dairy Milk, Galaxy or Hershey's (the latter probably more a good thing!!), it was more just a middle ground milk chocolate, though was still of a good quality. The hazelnuts were just as with the 'White Whole Hazelnuts', deliciously buttery in their taste with a long earthy woody aftertaste - very flavoursome and fantastically fresh tasting with a wonderful crunch.

Overall this was yet another winner from the Ritter Sport range. The milk chocolate was of a high standard, and the hazelnuts simply delicious; it was a combination that delivered a highly enjoyable and substantial product. The keener eyed will have noticed I rated this bar slightly below the 'White Whole Hazelnuts' - personally I felt that though the milk chocolate was of a high standard it didn't quite have the uniqueness in its overall flavour in comparison to the creaminess of the white chocolate. An absolutely delicious offering again from Ritter Sport, highly recommended.

8.7 out of 10

Fancy trying the Ritter Sport Milk Whole Hazelnuts for yourself!? Fancy any another Ritter Sport / Milka / Lindt / Storck or German Grocery ... head over to Dean-German-Grocery!!