September 28th: Harry & David Moose Munch Milk Chocolate Bar

Kcal 300 Fat 21.0g Fat(sats) 13.0g Carbs 29.0g

Having never heard of the Harry and David brand, I had to consult Liz at **I Shop 4 You II** to get the low down on this bar. Well, according to Liz this Harry & David Moose Munch Milk Chocolate bar is currently her favourite, and is a pretty hard to find premium brand of chocolate. Looking at the wrapper revealed that this was a bar comprised of a 'smooth fudgy centre, fluffy white popcorn, buttery caramel and crisp nuts all dipped in sweet milk chocolate' ... wow that's a lot of stuff crammed into one bar.

As you can see above in the nutritional information this was one pretty mean bar! It weighed in at a largish 56.0g and contained 65% of the RDA of saturated fat... this was indeed a plentiful serving, anything larger would have pushed the boundaries of actual necessity. The packaging of the product was superb the bar came in a matted foil wrapper packed with an inner plastic tray for added protection. The bar itself wasn't the most spectacular looking of chocolates, though the cross section did provide an interesting look at all the added ingredients. For a bar that contained so many added elements the smell was pretty non-descript, I was expecting more than just the sweet dairy scent that I got from it.

Lets clear something up courtesy of my friend Wikipedia:

"Fudge" in the U.S. is usually understood to be chocolate. In fact, the word fudge is used on packaging of cakes and brownies with "extra" chocolate flavoring or with fluid chocolate in the mixture.

The fudge centre was not like the sugary fudge we get here in the UK, but more of a moist chocolaty centre ... almost like a truffle filling but a tad more viscous. It had a silky smooth texture that melted delightfully in the mouth. It was not the most deliciously flavoured milk chocolate, but it still had a nice sweet milky appeal. Unfortunately I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed at the balance of the ingredients used for the filling. The popcorn was portioned at least double the amount of the peanuts and caramel. I'm not saying the popcorn was bad ... it was great and added a superb crunchy texture and slightly salty note; it was just a shame that the caramel and nut elements were equally as tasty, but just simply weren't as prominent. The caramel element was especially good; like all good caramel it had a nice sweet, buttery taste - absolutely fantastic. The bar had a wonderful array of textures, the fudge centre was luxuriously smooth and contrasted superbly with the gooey caramel and crunchiness from the popcorn and nuts. As you probably would have guessed this bar did a great job fulfilling my hunger, the aftertaste had a nice milky flavour to it - I definitely wasn't in need of a second.

Overall this was a bar like no other I had tried before, it certainly gets credit for its originality. The milk chocolate was better than average with it's sweet, milky and long lasting taste. I think I would have enjoyed this bar even more if the ingredients had been better portioned. As I referred to above, each part of the filling added individual qualities, which just made it an even greater shame that the portioning was slightly off. Definitely a bar worth checking out if you get the opportunity - the only reason why I would say avoid is if your watching the fat in your diet, or dislike any of the mentioned ingredients. Those people aside - for a truly innovative offering this is a pretty good bar.

8.0 out of 10

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