September 30th: Lion Bar White

Kcal 215 Fat 10.8g Carbs 26.5g

The Lion bar was one of my all time favourite bars as a kid, and after a successful review of the milk chocolate UK version, I was never going to be turning down the opportunity handed to me by Dean-German-Grocery to try this white chocolate version - a bar produced in Frankfurt Germany.

The first thing I noticed about this bar was the difference in size from the UK milk chocolate to this white chocolate version. This bar was a full 10g lighter at 45g - the difference was certainly noticeable and it simply wasn't a very fulfilling bar. It's smaller size meant it was slightly less impactful to look at, although the actual look of the bar with it's distinct layering was nicely presented and pleasing on the eye. The outer wrapper was standard Nestle plastic packaging, it looked ok aesthetically but it really struggled to maintain the freshness of the bar, the smell was really not forthcoming and the product only managed a minor sweet milky scent.

The smaller sizing of the bar seemed to not affect any one of the layers more so than any other, the down weighting was obviously proportional. The outer coating was still relatively thick and contained small rice crispies, which added nicely to the texture. The texture of the white chocolate wasn't bad - it had a nice constant melt, though there where mouthfuls were it did cloy and lump together. The white chocolate tastewise was largely disappointing, like the smell suggested it had a milky flavour, although this altogether was very minor and subtle ... sure it avoided being overly sweet like a lot of white chocolate, but it simply lacked flavour nearly entirely. The wafer had a nice wheaty taste that seemed noted with a slight twist of sweet coffee to its aftertaste. The middle white chocolate creme like the coating lacked flavour; conversely by far and away the most flavour impactful layer was the milk chocolate creme which had a lovely smooth texture and relatively strong chocolaty taste. Finally the caramel added a pleasant chewyness to each bite, however unfortunately was lacking in a definitive flavour. The aftertaste of the bar was heavily based around the wafer element as it lasted longest in the mouth, even this flavour didn't last that long though. The lack of strong flavours meant this bar wasn't the most satisfying of chocolates.

Overall as an eating experience this was a bar that really struggled to create an impression on me. The change up of chocolate from the original was not a favourable one; in comparison to the original milk chocolate, the white chocolate lacked flavour and depth. The caramel layer also suffered from lack of flavour, which was surprising due to this component being one of the real strengths of the original. The textures were still a real strength of the bar, the contrast in chewy, crunchy and creme layers was well executed - this alone though was not good enough to make this anything more than an average scoring bar. By no means an offensive product, just a little lacking in it's flavours and could have been done better.

7.3 out of 10